This Soul Collage card is about my 'inner motivator' ~ "I am the one who encourages positive self motivation."  Since college when I met a unique professor who became a 'mentor' who later became a family friend and colleague, I have been aware of the 'self talk' ~ 'the monkey mind'. It can be all over the place or you can learn to harness its energy and turn it into a positive motivator. Through meditation, journalling, and repeating positive self affirmations, my 'monkey mind' is more controlled and balanced; not perfect mind you ~ I don't want perfect. I want to be my authentic self which is both an angel and a devil. Using the soul collage card method (you can learn more about it at this link  Soul Collage ) or if you live on the East Coast go to this link Kaleidosoul. I find, for me, it is a good way to work on keeping myself focused, centered and creative.

The method is great for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves. One does not have to be an artist to use this method which is what is so wonderful about it. All you need is matte board, clips from magazines, glue, scissors and you are 'good to go'. You can actually buy a kit at Soul Collage if you want. (I am not working for them so I get no commissions) I am simply sharing with you what I think is a great aside to use to enhance your life. Plus, it is fun to do and when your 'creative muse' is not in high gear you can use this method to 'keep your creative motor' humming, so to speak. 

The soul collage card that I created above is collaged several layers on precut matte board and then I used some encaustic wax to protect it when the collage was completed. You can protect with other methods also, e.g. ~ plastic bags, matte finish, glossy finish and am sure you can think of others. Hope you enjoyed my collage and will return next Sunday for another creative soul collage card.


Carol and ArtMuse Dog

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  1. That is quite the beautiful header! I have never thought of a Soul Collage but I love the idea. Sometimes art is just the right therapy and the message behind it is peaceful!

  2. Cool project, I will have to try and make one of those. Adorable doggie!!

  3. The tarot card idea is too cool! I will have to try that. By the way, is the doggie a yorkie??

  4. yes, Camilleta ~ She is a Yorkie ~ Yorkshire Terrier and a delight to have with me ~ Happy Creating ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  5. I love this card and the whole story behind how you started to make your cards. I have looked at the site and now I have to begin making my cards. Thank you for sharing your card and your knowledge.

  6. I love Yorkshire Terriers. I want to get one later on in life. Right now I have 2 big dogs that I'm sure wouldn't purposely hurt a small dog but I wouldn't want an accident to happen. They might step on a little dog when excited or something!

  7. This is just what I've been looking for--something to center me, on paper and not make a big magilla out of it [read: overthink]
    In fact I was wandering aimlessly yesterday in St. Paul at a wonderful art shop and came away with a pen to start. . .something.
    Thanks for the leg up.
    And sending a milk bone for doggy.

  8. Great collage! And great idea, thank you for sharing.

  9. Oh yes, I too use creativity to keep the monkey mind at reasonable chatter levels ;-) Creativity has helped me immensely with my health and wellbeing. I've seen yours and other soul collage cards & think its a great idea to encourage people of all artistic levels to express themselves. I'm all for creating for the sake of creating & with no pressure or expectations.

    Kat :-) X


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