Welcome to Spirit Collage  Sunday.  Spirit Collage creations are   created by yourself to eventually use much like you would any 'oracle' type cards, sticks, runes or even I Ching. Today I am displaying one that expresses for me the transformation that I have been experiencing recently.
Change is the one constant that we have in our life journey. 

This collage creation is about ' The self that  is experiencing a type of 'rebirth' within my self. How do I describe this to you? For seven years now I have been journeying through grief and loss of several significant people in my life in a short span of time. Thus, I have been transitioning and redefining myself. I have now arrived at a completion of that transition. I am allowing my self each day to be more and more of 'who I am'. I am a 'seeker' and now am more content and realizing what I have been seeking is my authentic self. The Self that I was before I got covered with 'layers' of selves to walk my path. I have no regrets. It all happened as it was meant to be. Now, I am living more fully in the Now and 'letting go' of what is not abiding.  Rebirth is like 'peeling an onion' ~ layer after layer and even tears, also joy ~ now I seek 'balance' of all those parts of the self. Moving from little self to Higher Self, day by day and closer to the Divine within and all around me.

Hugs and namaste,

and Carol ^_^

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  1. I've been there! Moved to care fo dying parents. Mom died 6 wks after I moved. Dad's brain tumour came back.
    I am just recovering. Good for you. All the best.
    Thanks for visiting Cottage Country!


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