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Welcome to Sunday Blog Hop and Spirit Collage Sunday. What is a Spirit Collage are you wondering? The process is a very similar to other 'oracle' type cards, runes, stone, i-ching and the like. For me it is a fun and creative way to get in touch with my inner self and explore what might need attention, what or who I might be neglecting and what is next in my life. Essentially, oracles can be bought or made by you. Historically, I have used them with clients with great success.

Today my card that I made has to do with my inner soul experiencing a transition and also the upcoming full moon. The title of the card is "I am the one with a new way for you. The full moon will guide you." 

I find that making these Spirit Collages enhance my creativity and keeps the 'mojo' or muse coming as I move from one medium of creating to another. I suppose in some way it is a type of 'warm up' or 'doodling exercise as well as spiritually cleansing my soul. It does help with the emotions and resolving issues that might surface as I progress on my life journey.

Hugs and namaste,

and  Carol ^_^

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  1. Those Soul Collage Cards sounds very interesting, I have never heard of them before. And thanks for dropping by my blog by the way. It was much appreciated. :-)

    Have a continued wonderful day.

  2. Hello and thank you for joining the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop. Thanks also for posting it to your blog! I'm following you and hope to see you again this weekend.


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