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Welcome to Spirit Collage Sunday. Making spirit collage cards is about exploring your spirit self through collages that you create by your self. The images are cut from magazines and pasted on matte board. The size is approximately  5inches by 8 inches. Or whatever size you would like to make them. This is in no way meant to be like Soul Collage. I have two Masters in the psychology area and have much experiencing in creativity and it uses to heal many areas that human's have to cope with on a daily basis.

There is a  Soul Collage process that was first developed and marketed by Sheena B Frost. I am in no way marketing my own or hers ~ She is  Soul Collage for profit.  I am just being an artist and collaging and listening to my spirit.

The Spirit Collage that I created above is about 'My Playful Self'. I found images in magazines that 'spoke to me' and then I stored them in a three ring binder for easy future selection. In this card above you can see where I actually wrote on the card some of the playful activities that I enjoy such as painting, sketching, photographing, walking my dog.The fun picture of the girl and the dog elicited a roarous laugh from me and so I couldn't resist using this fun image for the focal point of my card.

I have attended several weekend retreats with Kaleidosoul here locally in MA to learn about that very fun process of creating an oracle of your own. I don't use her or Sheena's ideas to make money. I am only creating for spiritual reasons. I also have used Runes (which is another oracle where you are basically consulting the Self). With Spirit collaging  you are not only consulting the Self ~ you are creating the collage your self and thus more of your own energy goes into the creating and provides you with a very spiritually creative experience. Hope you will explore the process. Check out Runes and consulting the self and higher Self.

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  1. Hello from Maine! Thanks for stopping by WelltoDo today. I am now following you, too.


  2. the card is wonderful!!
    I love how the dog and the little girl seem to go together

    and I love the sweet pup in the prior post

  3. What a cute card! And a great idea. I'm going to Pin this idea for later. Friends!

  4. Oh I love this o much!!!!! It makes me smile. Thank you for the hop linky too. I'll add it to my blog hop page. I hope you'll join the Thursday hop at Katherines corner too. Hugs and wishes for a peaceful Sunday xo

  5. This is too cute!! Thanks for the follow. I am following back
    -The Ladies Lounge

  6. Beautiful! I would love to have one or several of these to hang be inspired daily.
    Wait - I already *am* inspired!

  7. Hey there--love the collage. Especially the feather boa on Marmaduke or whatever that huge pooch's name is!



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