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Fisherman of 'Glosta' ~ for Mellow Yellow Monday

Welcome to A Creative Harbor sharing our world of creativity with photography, haiku (poetry) and art. We are all creative in our own way. Here the focus is on photography, poetry and art. However you find ways to express yourself creatively is good for the mind, body and spirit. For me haiku, photography and some of my art provides me the mode to focus and center myself and enhance my ability to attend to the 'now' and what is right in front of me ~ the sacred in the every day ordinary.

Carpe Diem Haiku

Cape Ann MA ~ Sliding at Park After Snow Storm ~

For ~ One Single Impression

None other than ArtMuse Dog ~ For Ruby Tuesday

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ruby tuesday
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Happy New Year to all you wonderful bloggers!

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.' ~ Russell H. Conwell


  1. fatal attraction indeed. and that old fisherman photo made me smile! ^^

  2. I am loving your new font and your blogs fresh look. Way

    I love how you used the narcissus mythology too. Awesome!

  3. Beautiful pictures, haiku and quotation. I have never experienced snow but I think it is beautiful. Happy New Year!

  4. love the fatal attraction in your haiku and your photos and art lovely as usual!! Happy New Year!

  5. Always enjoy seeing your sweet little pup. Great image and wonderful processing!

  6. Wish that the child is always in us.

    Then we continue to dream, to see and say in a childish way.

  7. Hi Carol. you are such a creative soul. I wish you another creative year in your life with lots of love XXXX Thank you for sharing with us

  8. Love this post Carol. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. Oh boy....would my husband ever LOVE this figurine of the fisherman. That is super.

    my mellow yellows: Sunrise

  10. wonderful as always Carol... Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, you had a super blog year!

  12. LOVE the fisherman and I see you have snow! Great series of photos and writings. Wishing you joy this new year!

  13. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for sharing your snow picture; it looks like blue snow.

    Happy New Year and Happy 1st Blue Monday!

  14. Wonderful post and lovely pictures and quotes. I'll definitely share this and pass it on! :) Happy New Year!

  15. Yes, that fatal attraction
    Tragic to drown
    in one's own love



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