Art, Photography and Poetry Monday

For Mosaic Monday and  Our World Tuesday
 Cape Ann MA ~ in Winter Wonderland Again ^_^

Another 'snowy Sunday' on Cape Ann, MA ~ I think the world has turned around and we moved to Alaska and no one told us. Ah, tis Mother Nature having a good chuckle.

For Mandarin Orange Monday

The story behind this cute little 'cone' flower is that it has lasted in that glass since October 2012 or earlier ~ It is amazing me.
For Monday Mellow Yellows

The story behind this photo above is that I love sunflowers and angels among other 'treasures' ~ There is also a large print above these two items  of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Sunflowers bring a smile and joy to my heart. With all the snow we are having I am thrilled with a bit of color.
For Carpe Diem Haiku~ prompt 'iceberg' and for Creative Everyday.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Perfectionism is spelled PARALYSIS.' ~ Winston Churchhill