Art, Poetry, Photography Weekend

For Paint Party Friday ~ Watercolor

( idea from book entitled If I Were A Dog)
  by James M McKenna (no relation) and Senior Citizens at the Rose Baker Senior Center on Cape Ann MA 

For Black and White Weekend ~ Winter on Cape Ann MA

For Creative Every Day

For: Weekly Top Shot
last weekend on Cape Ann MA

For: Weekend Reflections
Cape Ann MA ~ Wintry Scene

For Cape Diem Haiku ~ prompt 'Spring'

For Haiku My Heart 

For Haiku Friday

Guess the mass of snow finally got to me; been 'down' with the flu bug who is not very good company. Only likes flat pepsi, crackers and chicken soup. So glad and grateful to be back 'in the creative saddle' again. Hope you are all well and seeing signs of Spring.

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Wishing you the best in each day.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' If we surrender to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.' ~ Rainer Maria Rilke