ArtMuse Dog ~ 'SHE'  is back and am I am Glad!'~ for Camera Critters ~

Nature's Delight ~ seen through skylight window for Sky Watch Friday

Reflection Shot for Weekend Reflections

the 'North Sea Sunrise' for Weekly Top Shot 

I lied ~ I am back but only 'stronger' in the broken places. I am just so glad to be home that I am 'easing on down the road'. Traveling is a gift but home is the greatest gift. I think I am just plain tired of traveling unless it is to One destination not a 'world tour' in short span of time' which is not very restful.
In keeping with the 'simpler life', my priorities have changed and I didn't listen to my 'higher self' very well. She knew what I needed and it wasn't this recent journey. Lots of good happenings but much too busy for my soul. Got some beautiful photos and so am grateful. Not so grateful for major lower back pain.
Hope all is well with each of you lovely viewers and readers.

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~ Albert Einstein