Tuesday Creativity Through the Lens

Creativity 'through' the lense ~ allows me time to 'center and focus' and be in the 'now.' What a gift nature brings me and you each day. namaste, carol, ^_^

Cape Ann MA Harbor ~ Red Sails ~ Sharing with Ruby Tuesday Too and Our World Tuesday

We wish you the best in each day. xxooo

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  1. Nice find on the red sails!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Ah, love the boat on the water!! Great shot for the day, Carol! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. The sailboat photo is great. I like your opening photo with the lovely pink sunset and all the nice peaceful blues.

  4. What a pretty scene, the sailboat is pretty. Nature is a gift, thanks for sharing! Have a great week ahead!

  5. Beautiful photograph...
    through the lens
    looking at the lines on palms
    searching reality

  6. That scene gives me a peaceful feeling. Nice! I also like the grasshopper below. I wonder if he had "thoughts" about where he was. I wonder if grasshoppers think. :)

  7. I think all sail boats should have coloured sails - just for the benefit of photographers!


    Cheers - Stewart M.

  8. How pretty...seems now I have a song going through my mind!! ;o)

  9. thank you for sharing your beautiful part of the world with us. I get such a calming, happy feeling every time I visit here.

  10. Wow..I love this shot and the color of the sail!

  11. Look at those unique sails, I like it!


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