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Our World Tuesday ~ 
The rocky coast of Cape Ann MA and the wild surf
from all the variable weather.

ABC Wednesday ~ letter is X 
X ~ marks the spot for this ocean duck who despite the cold windy day this duck was having a lovely swim on
Cape Ann MA ~
 Zoe and I were walking rather fast
as it was  a bit cold and all I had was my iPhone.

A Simple Town Life ~ What are you grateful for?

Despite the rain, fog, wind and cold and hot temperatures ~
I am grateful for this beautiful flower and others in my yard on
Cape Ann MA that are thriving with the variable weather.

Haiku My Heart ~ 

Haiku for you from Cape Ann MA ~ 

Sky Watch Friday ~ 
Gentle sky at twilight over Cape Ann MA 

Paint Party Friday 
Working on free hand watercolor angels ~
Hope you don't get bored with them

Saturday Critters and Camera Critters ~ 
My favorite 'critter' on Cape Ann MA or anywhere. ^_^

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 
 St. Peter's Fiesta is coming and this was display at the nine day 
novena on Cape Ann MA. It is an Italian event that is in
its 90th year. Also, this is part of a display the women
put together for the novena that began
last Monday. The quote touched my heart deeply.

Sunday Sketches ~ 

More watercolor angels done freehand  ~ 
I am attempting to create some quality 
watercolor angels ~ bare with me. thanks.

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Best for Last ~ 
'Must you point that thing at me?'

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We are wishing you a lovely week. ^_^

'Motivator' ~ artmusedog



  1. Hari OM
    Oh Zoe dog, I's glad Carol points that thing at you - cuz then we can all share in the joy of your company!... I adore the angels this week - and the quote of anchors... hugs from here to there. YAM xx

  2. I love your ocean shots. Your cute critter looks a little grumpy :)

  3. Your little dog has a look that says I am so patient with you. Must you take pics of me again?

  4. oh such a lovely post from top to bottom Carol. How can one tire of angels? or the ocean? or beautiful haikus? or darling Zoe? Nuff said. Have a wonderful week!

  5. You have been busy this week. I enjoyed all of your photos. I like your angels too. Have a great week and give Zoe a pat for me.

  6. How lovely to be so close to the ocean!

  7. Beautiful pictures as usual, but I especially love the rocky coast and the best at the end, lol !

  8. Carol,I love your Haiku and image....and I never tire of angels,we need them all.....our fur angels too (especially)! Nature seems to adapt wonderfully to changes in weather conditions....the internal clocks just keep ticking.

    Wishing you both a lovely creative week,

  9. Great post Carol, i'm afraid your little dog steels the show as usual, and He dosn't know how famous she is.
    Have a good one , Gordon.

  10. Hi! I like your first photo very much. Your paintings are very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Today I'm thankful for flowers, especially after looking at yours.

  12. X would be a hard letter to complete. You did it. Nice watercolors too!

  13. I've betting Artmuse Dog is a real ham at this point. One of the Teddys I take care of is like that, will pose at the drop of a hat (or in his case the wearing of one). Your watercolor angels are sublime as are the cape shots. I wouldn't have picked out the little duck, very cute.

  14. The white flower is so beautiful. what is that?


  15. I love the quote. We have been reeling from a serious of dreadful events since I arrived in the UK, and this touched me. It is a fitting quote following your angels and no we will never tire of these!
    Have a lovely week, to you and Art-muse dog :)
    Wren x

  16. nice collection of toys you have there zoe :)

    that coast picture is lovely :D

  17. Nice captures! Your dog is so cute!

  18. Well I could say, x-marks the spot to but that would refer to a dry spot where nobody needs to take a swim, a dive maybe ;-0

    Have a X-traordinary ABC-day / week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)
    Preview Round 21, starting july 12th

  19. Could feel the cold and wind at X mark and wonder how the duck bear all! Beautiful flower and Zoe steals my heart with each post of yours. As usual it’s a cute painting :)

  20. Twilight--which comes twice each day!--is a lovely time indeed.

  21. Hello Carol! Always great aspects shared, lovely details from nature and positive words in lyrics (haiku). Also, so delicate watercolor angels in you drawings. And little Zoe is so cute looking at your photo camera, too.
    Weather is so confusing in these days, in here, as well... Summer is just at the beginning.
    A nice day and weekend! warm greetings, Alexa

  22. You always have the cutest critter! Love your beautiful flower and the angels too. Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs!

  23. Your photos are always so lovely. I always like seeing Zoe! Thanks for linking up today!

  24. After all these years reading your blog I finally google mapped where Cape Ann is to help put all this in context.
    Beautiful shots of the surf and the sky and your angels are wonderful. and I always look forward to seeing the puppy pics.

  25. Love the flower! Is it Clematis?

  26. That's a pretty sky shot. I like how the subtle pink mixes with blue!

  27. Hello, Carol, Wonderful views of your beautiful Cape Ann, despite the weather! Love your tender angels and haiku. The quote is so lovely and of course, Zoe steals the show! Love the basket of toys in the background :) Hope you have a warm and lovely weekend. x Karen

  28. Beautiful photos, art and words - I never tire of angels! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  29. Hello Carol, I love seeing photos from your world. The rocky coast is spectacular and so different from my lazy sandy southern California coast! Happy PPF!
    ~~ Irene

  30. Your angels are beautifully arranged, happy PPF!

  31. I'm glad that flowers find ways to recycle themselves! Happy haiku Friday to you!

  32. Your free angels are most charming. Thanks for beautiful photos.
    Happy PPF 💕

  33. your angels are in flight today, well Done

    Happy PPF

    much love...


Thanks for your wonderful comments and support ~ Will always comment back ~ Namaste, Carol

thanks ^_^