We are all creative. 
Each individual has their own style of creativity. How the creativity becomes manifest depends on many variables and life situations for each person. Trust, though, the Tao, the Spirit knows you are creative.


What is creativity?

- ability to solve problems
- think of unusual strategies
- compose poetry, music, photography and painting
- craft ~ knitting, crocheting, woodworking
printmaking, woodcarving, quilting, and on and on ~ 

spontaneous movement in tandem with Tao ~ a movement that will generate life and not misery for others.' (Dao-Ming Do ~ 365 Tao, Daily Meditations)

Thinking versus Doing ~  Have you ever had someone ask you how you created a particular  creative work? Then realized you don't think about how you do it ~ you just do it ~ this is reaching a higher level of expressing your craft....

Creativity works when ~  'Being in the 'moment' ~ 'being where your feet are' ~ all wonderful 'quotes' that work in everything you do in life. Think about something that you 'love to do' then think about your state of mind and body when you are doing this. Are you not focused, centered and paying full attention? When I am in 'this state' then I feel creativity and all works well. When my 'monkey mind' starts its journey, then I have moved either into the past or into the future and lost my momentum. It is not a forced 'attention'. It is almost 'playful', certainly is loving because I am doing what I love. Then it all flows naturally ' like a river.' Flow.


  1. I find these quotes are excellent sources of nourishing reminders and tremendously helpful when getting into the beginning ritual of creating art.

  2. Conducted tour of your amazing blog, I have been fascinated with the fine publications that you give us.

    Thanks for sharing and a warm greeting from Gran Canaria - Canary Islands (Spain).

  3. Creativity - something that alludes me at the moment. Just waiting for some inspiration to come and attack me... or I could just stop being lazy and get to work...

  4. Yes, I am often asked how I think of things to write, or just, "How do you do that!" Sometimes it catches me off guard and I stammer, "I don't know. I just do it!" lol! I guess that is how I think about it because I can't explain something that has come so natural to me. Loving your inspiring quotes!

  5. oh...just read this and like it.


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