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I  am a shadow with a shadow
it is a four legged dearly loved fur person.

I live off island ~ grew up on the island and moved away but never  moved over the 'bridge'
Yet I have a panoramic view of the harbor and breakwater and house backs up to the woods.
I am blessed and grateful each day.

I am growing younger every day
I am an amateur photographer,
poetess, artist

I am a daughter, sister, widow, grandmother, friend, free spirit, and have a yorkie that allows me to take care of her, take walks with her and live with her and share the house and life with her. The above pic is a few years old ~ although I just have a bit more gray hair ~

None other than ~ my favorite critter on Cape Ann MA or anywhere ~ xox


  1. Just totally free, open, and beautiful! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. I have found you once again, Carol. Your work is always amazing. I have the PPF art blog and also a photography blogs. Cape Ann has always been a fave of mine. I visited an artists home place there once. . . she died in 1942. . .I love her work (portraits). I have always liked and followed your work. Blessings, Janet PPF

  3. Not my choice to be in Tulsa. My daughter/grandson begged. I miss FL would never have moved. Children! Thanks for your comments. Blessings. . .the name of the artist is Cecelia Beaux.

  4. You have a life to envy. Blessings to you always, (and to your sweet Yorkie.)


Thanks for your wonderful comments and support ~ Will always comment back ~ Namaste, Carol

thanks ^_^