Creativity is a gift that we all have. How that creativity becomes expressed is the choice of the individual. It could be anyone of the Muses,art,music,theatre,writing, poetry. Maybe it shows up how you decorate your home or your self. Maybe it is in how you handle time, your job, your relationships, your children, your philosophy on life. Whatever the choice, let it shine and let it shine brightly!

Life is in the "now" the moment. One's mind can go back eons or ahead to the future and fretting over what "might" happen. Try coming back to the "moment" and breathe.
Or go out and hug a tree!


  1. I love your Tree Hugger...I also love what you share here about being in the now and about creativity. I'm a firm believer that we're all here to "create", so we're all artist in one medium or the other. And I'm a life student working on staying in the now...not always easy but I know from my own experience that some of the best things in life go by because I'm thinking about a past moment or one yet to come...often missing the yummy moment right now!


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