~ Goddess of Winter ~ Even though this winter in New England and elsewhere has been difficult, I feel the Goddess of Winter watching over me and helping me to live in the "now"; to appreciate the day whether a snow storm is raging outside or the warmth from the sun is shining in my studio. Gorgeous scenes of nature appear outside my windows, the ocean with its cold blue waters and the marvelous powerful trees are standing tall in the sunshine today. They weathered the snow and the rain of yesterday and now stand proudly with their branches bowing to the light ~ growing toward the light, the warm, comforting light of the winter.

I journal each morning and sometimes will refer to quotes from various books to rally me on into the day. Here is one of those quotes from ARTIST SOUL by Linda Cooms.
"The best revenge for anyone or anything that ever abused, devalued, neglected, disrespected, or shamed us or our artistic efforts is to live a healthful, peaceful life that expresses exactly who we are by our personal choices."
There are so many good people in the world and I find they "show up" when you are ready. Another quote: " When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Similar concept, probably an oriental source, I am not sure. Today, though, I am sure that I am here and feel a spark in my creativity. Perhaps, I will begin a larger piece of art work soon. I will continue to work on my "one a day art" as it provides me time to explore, risk and create.