Play, dream, create! The time is "now". What better time to do what you have always wanted to do. The past is gone; the future has not arrived. Go for it!

Of course this is much easier to say than do. What I have found in my living life is that I need to first know what it is that I want. One way to decide is to know what you don't want as that always seems easier than to know what you do want. As part of this process, I have made a commitment to myself to create at least one type of art a day. So far, I have been making 4 x 4 creations using matte board, paint, collage paper, ephemera, drawing, pen and ink and pastels. I seem to enjoy working with paper, paint and pastels. In the past, though, I have used clay to create goddess figures. I integrated the clay figures and/or faces into my mixed media creations or I have made pendants. I basically, create because my soul needs to create! Now, beyond "now" what I dream about is being more focused and coming up with one, two or three at the most mediums that I want to stay with and push my potential to its best.

So here I am, "showing up", being and doing my art. It will all play itself out as all things do. ~ Grandma Moses didn't start painting until she was in her eighties ~ before that she made paintings with yarn. So I will "Be Old Later." Now, I will play, dream and create.