~ MOTHER WINTER ~ (Created with pastels with background of collage paper and artist board)
Spirit Mother or Mother Winter is around us all leading us on our path of creativity. It is winter here. The harbor and beach look cold and uninviting. Yet, Spirit Mother, is surrounded by warm, glowing light. Much like the sun, that is shining ever so brightly on the cold, blue waters viewed from my studio.
When fear arises or the cold wintry persona of others may be threatening, Spirit Mother comforts and guides the artist, the creative being in me. I know that if I trust and listen she will lead me. How, I wonder, does she do this leading with my self expression. Well, if I "let go" I begin to feel the ideas begin to flow with ease. Right now, I am creating small 4x4 "one a day" creations and soon hope to choose a few of these to create a larger piece of art.