Done with pastels and pen and ink and is another of my "one day" art pieces. Somehow, the softness of pastels elicits a gentleness from within when creating. I tend to be rather hard on myself and with pastels it reminds me to be gentle with myself.
The Spring Maiden is another representation of the Goddess Spirit. If you are familiar with Buddhism and the various figures that represent Buddha, then so too with the Goddess Spirit. This is my own vision and does not represent any particular goddess other than a concept of nature waiting to burst forth with new growth after lying dormant beneath the beds of snow and frozen ground.
In many spiritual philosophies, ideas of birth, life and death are contemplated and expressed. Art expresses it all from birth, life and death. So, it would seem that my thoughts have been evolving to "art" being my religion. When I look at various artistic creations, I see the "creator within"; whether it is an art piece or the expression of a craftsman.
Someone, recently commented to me, while working in a group to complete a task, "you are doing such a good job, you will get your reward in the after life." I laughed and said, "Don't believe in it." Life is here and now. The rewards, the gifts of life are now ~ today ~ not tomorrow. I have seen too much of life at this point in time. I have seen many, many good people having to deal with many tragedies on this earth and they have received the joys as well. I have seen abrasive, obnoxious people receive little sadness and lots of the "good life". I think it is a "cosmic joke" that it matters what one does and the only "judgement day" is today and whether one is able to live with what they do each day.
The spirit is "within and without" ~ all around us. Today, I see the "Spring Maiden" bringing light and joy along with sadness ~ It is "one coin" with 2 sides. Balance that "coin" by living in the "now". Rather tricky at times ~ Eh? ~ all part of the "human condition". Think Spring, Think Joy ~ "thoughts become things" as someone writes online. The Source ~ return to the Source ~ It is within you. Listen.