Sometimes I wonder about life and then I create something artistically and that seems to alleviate the angst. Where the source of this relief is seems to be in the focusing on creating. Paying attention, attending to the "now." Rather than wondering that ludcrious question of Why?
There is no answer to the absurdity of life. Stay in the now, so many "spiritual" seers seem to advise whether it is Aristotle's concept of Stoicism or Ektole's newer philosophy of THE POWER OF THE NOW. Truly, if you do stop and ponder, "now" is all anyone has. The past is gone and the future is not here. Having experienced the death of many of the significant people in my life starting at a rather young age, I know this to be true. Yet, being human, I forget. I have the wonderful memories of love from those special people. Grateful, how do I "stay" in the "now" and trust that those loved ones are watching over me and I am not alone. I know I have some good friends in my life and a few family members but the reality of existence is that the "power" is within me. I am not "an island" so need "my people" in my life.
Yes, there is a tree full of "human angels" that continue to show up in my life. Yet, I still wonder ~ why does a good man who works to protect people have his home blown out from under him because of a gas link. The people in the neighborhood had reportedly smelled gas and did notify the power company. Was it followed up on appropriately? Obviously, not. The incompetence that I view more and more in this world does cause me to wonder. Like Dickens, I agree, we live in difficult times. Yet, like Tiny Tim in Dickens, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, there is hope. Some. Grateful. Still I Wonder.