SEA GODDESS ~ I was born near the sea and now again I live by the sea. The sea that gave me so much pleasure as a child;now is giving pleasure still as well as comfort, warmth and serenity. When I look out my windows,my soul is filled with awe of life.

Thus, my heart and soul are filled with the need to create and my muse comes from the sea. The ocean is ever changing, ever moving yet seems to stay in one place. I identify with the ebbing and flowing of the tides. To me the tides are very symbolic of life ~ ever changing ~ the one constant of life ~ change.

I wonder, dear readers, have you experienced major changes during your life span and how did that effect your creativity and expression of that creativity? What is your muse and how do you manifest your need to create? Might you share with me some of your journey ~ much like one would with a stranger on a plane trip?

Several times, when I was opened to dialogue and the passenger beside me was also, I had the most wonderful conversations with strangers that I would never see again. I also had the experience of sharing plane space with two very compulsive physicians (we do want our physicians to be compulsive) who were discussing cancer from a medical perspective. With that I decided I would just let them chatter and went to sleep. I couldn't converse, then, you see, my husband had just died of cancer. Life does put us in the most mysterious places don't you think? I do. I think that the Universe is daily dropping "gifts" in my lap ~ even if I am home and working on an artistic creation. What a joy life is, most of the time ~ even in the times of sorrow ~ one is alive and is able to feel ~ maybe not what one wants to feel. Alive and well and am grateful for each moment. All part of that soul, creativity connection.

Won't you converse with me by posting about your creations???????

Hugs and namaste,
Carol ~


  1. Didn't you just join the Wildartdolls group? You should join the Goddess Dolls group, too! Your seasonal goddesses are beautiful.

  2. I find this a very interesting post as I've just recently been wondering some of these same things about life & creativity.....only, I just don't seem to have enough time....when I was in my 20's and a single mom, there was time to do what I wanted in an artsy-craftsy kind of way...but, then I found my prince and along with him, his 3 sons...within a year of our marriage, we had another boy....at this point in my life, I had no free time....we're at some sporting or school event all the time! And really, I wouldn't have it any other way, I guess I channeled my creativity into raising my boys. Decorating my home and making a garden became my creative focus....Now, that the 4 oldest have grown up (into fine young men, I might add) and have families of their own, I'm beginning to look for other ways to fill that need to create...I just need some extra hours & energy!

    Take care,


  3. Beautiful, spiritual women, your art makes me want to contemplate peace.

  4. I am so inspired.

    Follow your footsteps along the sand. Let them bring you to a place of peace and calm. Wash your soul in the mist of the sea.


  5. Does having a baby at 43 count as a radical change in the life of a woman? Well...I did, and it shifted me from painting to learning again to play with dolls, this time Spirit Dolls, Blessed Be, they were the only salvation for someone who was nursing and menopause decided to give me a blast...talk about fire walk. It sparked my creativity in a different direction, and I am still enjoying this new form of expressing after 15 years. What a trip life can be. :)

  6. gorgeous, beautiful, serene, peaceful, these are the words that came to me when I saw Sea Goddess.

  7. Isn't life a marvel! Like you said, not always easy, but what a blessing! When i was 49 my much older husband retired and went to to kauai to find us a new home. i stayed in los angeles, continued to work a 12 hour day on my stressful job, and raising my 2 sons, one in college the other finishing high school. then both my boys announced they had joined the marines! so i put our house up for sale, quit my job and moved to kauai to join my husband. it was a scarry change. that was 8 years ago! lifestyle here is way different- we live in a tiny 500 sq foot guest house- no dishwasher or garbage disposal or any other amenities- (no big shopping malls!)but we have 5 beautiful acres and we built a metal building and I started doing art work I had abandoned 35 years earlier. Life is so good!
    ....and thank you visiting my blog!

  8. Interesting post. We are traveling the same wave length I just finished my Sea Creature Fairy!


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