~ Abstract Oil Painting


Since my purpose in creative expression is to try and paint my feelings as they relate to my spiritual journey as well as my creative journey what you will be viewing is abstract oil paintings . A word for this type of creating might be "intuitive painting".

Recently, I began to take oil painting lessons from a very wonderful and inspiring teacher named Corey Tevan who is located on Beakskin Neck in Rockport MA. ( http://www.coreytevan.com/) This is my first major piece of work expressing the"divine"within myself as well as in all of you ~ even my "fur person"~my lab and yorkie!

I have "dabbled" in the arts since a child but went the career route of Academe ~ two Master's degrees and working as a therapist and part time college professor. Grateful for all. Now, I have arrived with time to really create and am loving the oil painting as it flows, much like life,when I "get out of the way" and allow the divine to process the creation.It is not always easy to do. I am learning a great deal about myself as well as the "art of oil painting. I do not want to paint "pictures"that will "look nice over someone's sofa"~ I want to paint rather abstract art and from my inner spirit,  for I believe "Art Heals the Soul"both for the artist and the viewer. My art may never sell and that is okay. It is the creative expression that I need to be doing. My divine spirit won't settled for less.

 So wish me well and come visit my other blog artmusedogs  for the OWOH (One World,One Heart) Magic Carpet ride to possibly win a "giveaway" that begins Jan. 25th and ends Feb. 15th. Here is the link: http://artmusedog.blogspot.com/

Hugs and namaste,
Carol (artmusedog)


  1. HI Carol- nice to meet you. Can't wait to see your progress in your art journey. Thank you for visiting me as well!

  2. Carol- just wanted to make sure you saw the link to the artist blog hop on my site- great way to meet people!


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