Incredible Sky over Cape Ann

The skies over Cape Ann can be awesome and breathtaking. I was raised to go to 'church' as a young child, yet, when I look out over this harbor and capture a photo of the skies I realize, here is your 'church' right in front of you. What a gift. Grateful.

Isn't 'church' more about 'community'? The Spirit is always with me and sometimes I find 'communities' difficult to be in for any extended time span. I love my fellowman/woman and have great compassion for all. I just don't need to be with them all the time. I do need to be with the Spirit all the time. So I look to the sky more and more ~ looking upward and soaring with the eagles. ^_^


  1. I know how you feel every time I sit out on my porch looking out over a large ranch of fields and pastures I can't think of anything but God and his amazing creation. The birds and wildlife is a breathtaking.

    I am following you via Monday Mingle blog hop. I your newest GFC friend. Stop by my blog and follow me too.

  2. I so much love the pictures in your blog and thanks for attending MM blog hop i look forward being part of your blog.

  3. love your photographs. now following you through gfc. found your blog on blogaholics

  4. lovely picture I am a new follower of yours come see me at

  5. The beautiful skies are quite a gift! In the early hours of the morning after dropping the kids off at school, there is this spectacular view of the sky that is breathtaking. My children take notice of it most mornings as well!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  6. Love this photo. The colors are wonderful, Carol.


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