Joy Pockets is about finding joy in your today. (
click on link above to read more) Something which I have advocated in my other blog Share the Creative Journey in writing about 'living in the now', attitude of gratitude and much more. Thus, I thought, well this might be a good fit. Provide another way to visually express myself and to maybe meet 'kindred spirits'. I am not quite sure how to link this site to display my photos of 'joy' but will do my best.

First Joy Pocket is:

~ The view that I see everyday

This is the Yorkie that shares her home with me. She gets me out walking along the boulevard in all kinds of weather (cept for this horrific heat), she lets me know when it is bed time, when it is time to eat and just who she likes to have come visit us. She doesn't pay the bills or by groceries ~ then again I don't have to send her to college either. We are a good team.

Other joys in my life ~

~ each day
~ creating all kinds of art
~ my home
~ reading
~ music
~ friends
~ family
~ good health

This list could go on and on ~ I am grateful for it all. Each day to me is the 'gift' and I try to live each one well.


  1. WOW! What a view and the pup is cute TOO! HAPPY PPF!

  2. Love your joys and love your pup or as I call them, family pet members. It's good to hear about your joys, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  3. A joy pocket is such a lovely expression and perfect for what it stands for. The view you see every day is wonderful and it must certainly inspire your creative side. As for your little dog - she is adorable. We had yorkshire terriers in our family when I was a child and they are great wee characters. My 'children' are my two westies - also full of character and the providers of so much joy to my life! Happy ppf!

  4. Beautiful pockets, and your yorkie is so sweet too!

  5. What a phenomenal view!!

    Lovely pockets - definitely some wonderful things to be grateful for.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. It is so wonderful to celebrate the joys in our everyday lives! Your furry companion is adorable and looks like wonderful company :)


  7. Thanks for sharing Joy Pockets =)...sounds so much happier than gratitude ;) Kathryn


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