JOY POCKETS  is hosted by Bohemian Twilight and  much thanks to her for hosting this wonderful blog link up and providing a forum to express our 'joys' for the week. Do stop by her blog and join this wonderful event. It adds more 'light' to your life.


To start August 3rd was my birthday and I was honored in many ways and the celebration is continuing right on thru Sunday as I have a niece who turned four years old on August 4th and there will be a party for her that I will share.

~ Grateful for All
~ Each day is a gift
~ Especially since we have divinely cool weather
~ lots of birthday wishes online
~ many cards from friends and family
~ phone calls
~ flowers from my son, Sean and his wife Janeth
~ phone call from Sean
~ i tunes gift card from Sean and Janeth
~ lunch with a friend
~ walks on the beach with my Yorkie
~ unexpected birthday wishes
~ swimming in the Marina pool with little niece and nephew
~ birthday party with niece and family
~ dinner out Saturday night with a friend
~ band concert outdoors with family 
~ post card from friend to do lunch soon
~ doing art for Sketch Book Project
~ finding something simple and creative to do for
Sketch Book Project (see my other blog for info)
~ playing all day today with my paint box and paper
~ Grateful for Joy Pockets!

Hugs and namaste,

Carol and ArtMuse Dog

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  1. Happy birthday! Your joy pockets are great - I love the cool days you are having and swimming in the marina sounds fabulous. You do live in the most beautiful of places...enjoy your birthday weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday to you and nice to meet you. I love your Joy Pockets. (Nothing wrong with an itunes gift card, I say!)

  3. Love your Joy Pockets! I've had a bunch at work this week and looking forward to a weekend full, going to a blues festival!!! Happy Birthday!!! Deb

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  5. Sorry about the double post, at first it said I didn't get the word right so I did it agian and then it repeated and then I deleted it, oh I'm just giggling now, dont ya'll love computers? Well it gives me the excuse to say Happy Birthday agian!!!!

  6. you have alot of joyful moments, awesome!

  7. happy birthday! :) i also did the sketchbook project + it was a fun experience! so glad i popped in to read your lovely joy pockets! happy friday (and weekend!)

  8. Firstly, Happy Birthday!!!

    I love your Joy Pockets. Of all of them I liked the one about the postcard from a friend asking to meet up. Its the unexpected ways our friends reach out to us that I really like.

  9. Firstly, Happy Birthday!!!

    I love your Joy Pockets. Of all of them I liked the one about the postcard from a friend asking to meet up. Its the unexpected ways our friends reach out to us that I really like.

  10. Wishes for a very happy birthday! Sounds like the time with family and friends was a wonderful birthday gift. Love outdoor concerts - and the cooler weather we're having in the northeast is refreshing, isn't it?

    Happy weekend!

  11. Hi Carol, I love your blog!! Happy birthday and what a fun celebratory week you have had and the fun is continuing through the weekend, enjoy! I read your about me post and found that one of your favorite movies is Bagdad Cafe, me too, and this summer and last summer, I visited the actual cafe and it was beyond cool to be there. While we drove down the road from Vegas to no where, I listened to the soundtrack, it was magical and when we arrived there and found it was actually opened, I was overjoyed. They have a jukebox and they play Calling you, and the other main song. Oh yeah, and CCH Pounder is one of my facebook friends so she told me the location of the cafe. I also see that Atlas Shrugged is one of your favorite books, mine too, and I love love love, Anthem. My husband is an Objectivist and he introduced me to Ayn Rand. Did you see the movie?

  12. Itunes is the best for birthdays....but what's even better is having perspective and thankfulness for the really important stuff :)

  13. A slightly belated happy birthday to you!

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday to you!!!

    you've had so many wonderful birthday treats and joys!

  15. Love your Joy Pockets perfect expression, and your gratitude list, you are blessed!
    Happy Birthday



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