It is time for Joy Pockets hosted by aquariann and a big thank you to her for this wonderful event. It is always good to be reminded of all the joy that in life even though the sorrowful pieces are there also.

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My Joy Pockets for the week are too many to really list. I am grateful for it all and try to practice an 'attitude of gratitude' every day. So here are some of my Joy Pockets:

~ That Tropical Storm Irene did not impact my town or us personally very adversely 

~ I baked cookies before the storm so there would a 'goodie' in the house'

~ I was very creative all week with my creations

~ I feel I may be coming into an art passion that I want to continue indefinitely rather than going from one medium to the next ~

~ the wonderful people online that have come into my life through my art, writing and photography

~ walking on the beach and boulevard with my Yorkie 

~ taking photos of the ocean after the storm 

~ having dinner with friends and enjoying the conversation and a wonderful glass of Malbec wine

Hugs and namaste,

ArtMuse Dog and Carol

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  1. thank you for visiting my blog. :) i have always wanted to live near a harbor because i feel at peace whenever i'm near a body of water. nice shot!

  2. Yay for creativity and have time to spend with it :). And I am glad Irene didn't affect you as bad as some other places! Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I'm glad to hear that Irene brought you opportunities for beautiful photography instead of for home improvement projects ;) I hope you'll share some of the photos you took soon. Would love to see!

  4. Whew, so glad you are safe and sound! Love your joy pockets!I like that phrase too,makes a nice visual, carrying joy around in our pockets,giggle...Hugs, Deb


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