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Welcome to Magical Monday Blog Hop 

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What to post for Magical Monday on your blog? 
Anything that you have created, a painting, a photograph, a sketch, journal page, an atc or aceo that send 'tingles through your body' or just gave you a good feeling that you want to share. For example, the collage above excited me when I was working on it and when I finished I felt wonderful because I had a real strong visual for my 'playful self' which was important to me because I have been so serious for most of my adult life, forgetting to play and relax and laugh and all are part of the composition of living.

Monday has been given such a negative connotation. Let's put some 'magic' back into the day and spend some time getting to know other bloggers. Sprinkle some of your 'magic dust' by joining the Mr. Linky  listed below. It reads 'click her to enter and then follow the directions. Please make sure it is a direct link to that Monday page and NOT your whole blog ~ Thanks, Carol ^_^

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