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Welcome to a Creative Harbor linked with Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday. At Ruby Tuesday you get the chance to see photos with lots of red or just a touch of red. My photo above is on the Boulevard in Cape Ann MA. The Gloucester Fishermen's
Statue is world renown and the female version didn't come until many years later. The statue is exquisite and is surrounded with a brick walkway with memoriam names and a beautiful flower garden. Look closely and you will see the 'touch' of red on the statue. Do you see it? With Our World Tuesday you will enjoy more photos from around the world. You may click on the photos to link to these sites.




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  1. The red is what I spotted immediately ^_^ Beautiful depiction of mother and child ^_^ Happy Tuesday.

    After The Rain

  2. Yikes, Couldn't get linky to work. I tried putting everything in and it took so long. For some reason, I haven't always been able to use linky. I couldn't use Red-headed but I could use PPF. Go figure. I love Monday's, only after I retired. Monday's are my Sunshine days. Blessings, Janet

  3. Lovely capture, and the red just pops out at me.

  4. What a poignant statue - waiting for your husband to come home and not knowing if he was going to make it back through a bad storm...

  5. A beautiful statue that prompts gentle feelings!

  6. Yes, what is the red, Carol? Is it part of the sculpture, or did someone put a red object there?

  7. This is a wonderful statue and I like your humor with the little red flower. Beautiful !

  8. I saw the touch of red right away
    lovely statue

  9. Beautiful statue and a nice tribute to the fishermen's wives who patiently wait at home. What exactly is the "red" that the little boy is holding? Mickie :)

  10. It is a beautiful statue. After seeing the movie the Perfect Storm, I can just imagine how the wives and children feel. Great post and photos.

  11. BEautiful Ruby Tuesday capture.

    Thanks for swinging by My Countdown to My "25th"

  12. Are people born creative? I just saw some beautiful paintings by a 6 year old girl. They are very beautiful.

  13. Beautiful shot ! I will come back for Magical Monday.:)


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