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Welcome to A Creative Harbor and Spirit Collage Sunday. I have been creating collage artwork for over seven years now as well as other types of art work historically. Today, though, is about a very simple type of collage. A small group of women friends recently decided to get together and do some type of art ~ namely, collage. There are about 5 of us in this lively group and we are exploring our creativity and our own personal styles through collage. Christie who did the above collage called 'All my relations' has done some collage work before and she quickly got into her own creativity and has done a great job! Bravo to her and to Joanne, Gitama, myself. Another woman hopes to join the fun soon.

by Joanne

Joanne came supplied with all types of ephemera besides photos from magazines. She has buttons in her collage, a sea shell and more. I love the variety of colors and her style. She says she has never done any collaging. She seems to enjoy it, doing well and having fun like the rest of us.
by Gitama

As you can see each woman has her own style and that is what is so wonderful about collaging. There is much freedom to express what you feel with ease and fun. She said this wasn't quite done, yet, I think it is quite pretty and nearing completion.


The above one is mine and the photo is impacted by the light as I just took a photo of it tonight ~ so the contrast is not quite right. At any rate you get the idea, I was trying to depict what a 'monkey mind' I can have sometimes and like anything it can work to my advantage or disadvantage. When being playful it is good, and yet I know I need to meditate to center and focus myself to get most of my tasks done.

So there we are ~ the Collage Group enjoying creating and playing with glue, scissors, buttons, shells and paper. There are a million ways to treat collage and this is just one way and it is very free. We let ourselves relax and play together as artists.

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  1. Looks like a great idea and a fun group of ladies! Are you planning on doing a collage every week?

  2. Hi Rita ~ I will have this every Sunday ~ but it will be just one collage (mine) until our group meets again. Thanks for coming by ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^

  3. That's a nice photos, I like the first one looks like different birds eye and yea a beautiful collage.


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