Red skies in the morning....

'Red Skies in the morning, sailors take warning.'


Welcome to A Creative Harbor; enjoy the view, set a spell and relax. Today we are linked with Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday. My photo above is taken from my home on Cape Ann, MA in the USA. A view that I am fortunate to see every morning. (not always great sunrises ~ we get varied weather).

Ruby Tuesday is photography with something red in the photo.

Ruby Tuesday

Our World Tuesday is also photography with photos from around the world.
Our World Tuesday

Have fun, enjoy the photos and come back next Monday for a blog hop here at A Creative Harbor. It is Magical Monday every week  and is about magical photos, art work, crafts anything that you have created yourself. Come join the fun and meet new bloggers.

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  1. Yes that looks like a sunset to me, if you didn't say otherwise! I've also posted lots of sky watch a post before this, however they are sunsets, because my sunrises are blocked!

  2. OMGosh! Beautiful!! Looks like the kind of sunrises I get up here. You face one way and I face the other--LOL! This is awesome! You know how I love sky pics!! :):)

  3. How lucky to have this serene scene to view on many a morning in your world. It’s a great start to any day and hard to imagine as being warning. :)

  4. Such a fantastic view, I am glad you froze the moment digitally.

  5. Lovely picture! Wonderful view.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  6. Truly stunning photo of the skies! I love it! ;)

  7. The fisherman are quite aware of the old sailor's red sky warning. Yet, the catch must be attempted - happily today, radars and such give todays seafarer a better chance. I notice that potential natural danger is still so beautiful!

  8. Hi Carol, its very nice to enjoy the skies golden colors as a welcome sight of the day.

    The Santa Ana winds are here in the West (California) and we get to see almost the same, but not as nice and soothing as yours.

    Thanks for visiting!

  9. That view is breathtaking! A girl could be seriously envious of you... ;D

  10. What a gorgeous way to start the day!

  11. What a lovely sunrise! Love the reflections too.

  12. Naturally beautiful!

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesday~ hope you can visit me too:)


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