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Welcome, today we are linked with Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.

Man reading a book that happened to be Red

Welcome to our world. As Zoe and I walked through the park today, I began to see the color red rather frequently. When we first got out of the car, I saw the playground with all its wonderful colors, especially red.
This is truly a wonderful place as it surrounded by the harbor on two sides. The photo directly above is a lane that runs along the harbor and has park benches to sit on and relax. The park has two beaches, a ball park, a rest house, tourist center, old canons from a long ago war, trails to walk through and a marvelous place to embrace Mother Nature. 


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  1. Hahaha that is cool! It does look like a tractor.


  2. Wonderful shots from harbor. Nice place to relax.

  3. I think I linked mine to the right place. I added your button to the left side of my blog, and put your blog link on my post.

  4. So relaxing and rural!

  5. What a nice place with water and woods and walks . . .

  6. The first photo looks cool, I like to ride there hehe, there is a steps built on it, very cool. Seems to be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the day.

  7. great photo Carol!!!! really pops!!!

  8. Very cool pic ,looks like a wonderful park !

  9. Great shots. Sounds like a good walk.

    You asked about NC weather and it makes a big difference what part of NC you are thinking of moving to. The warmest part of the state is the southeastern part and the coolest is the northwestern part.

    There is a big difference between those regions but quite a difference even between the central part of the state (triangle area) where I live and the coast to my east or northwestern mountains to my west. There's even a big difference in Blowing Rock (northern NC mountains) and Asheville (southern NC mountains).

    One of my sisters lives in Nantucket,MA and we've noticed that there isn't as big of a difference at times in our night temperatures in the winter although here it tends to warm up more during the day than it does there. In central NC we can have as much as 50 degree temperature changes within 48 hours. It can be quite bizarre. The thing about winter here is it doesn't last that long. If we get any single digit F temps at night it's rare. Usually isn't much colder than 20 F (triangle area of NC) and usually warms up during the day.

    If we get even a foot or so of snow it melts within a week or so and that's unusual. However, it really depends on what part of NC you are thinking about moving to. If it's the coast, the winters are very short and rarely cold at all. If it's the northern mountains that's a whole other story.

    When I mentioned it was cold in my post, I just meant cold for fresh produce in the open building. That is an example though of our temp fluctuation. That day it got up to 50 F and down to 30 F but a day later was up to 68 F and low 58 F. It is up to 78 F tomorrow and within a day or so back down to 30 F. BIZARRE but typical for fall here although the high tomorrow is unusual even for here. I joke about how sometimes I've gone out barefoot for Christmas and had snow at Easter. Unusual but it happens.

  10. Wonderful spot for photos. I noticed Carver giving you the NC low down. I am a native to central MA and live in NC now. - I lived in the high mts of NC and even there the winters are milder then inner NE - much like the coast of NE. Now I live in Asheville and like it much better - very mild but yet not too hot in summer. We average 12" of snow a year - the higher mts get 50" Happy to answer any questions - we moved from CT to FL and then to NC.


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