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My first attempt at Haiku ~ which is Japanese poetry that has 3 lines and the first line has 5 syllables, second line has 7 syllables and the third has 5. Please let me know if I have done these correctly. I love poetry and to be able to write Haiku is even more loving to me because I am creating my own poetry.

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Dog sleeps now today
Rest always on time here 
High above us.


Shine on my dear one
Nearer and dearer to me
Ever on my mind.


Holiday times
Gaily for some today true
Me a bit delayed.

Hugs and namaste,


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  1. Well, I don't know much about haiku, either. I like them and don't mean to be a party pooper, but the first and last ones don't have the right amount of syllables, do they?

  2. Well done!!!! Would never have know this was your first attempt!!! You have a way with words!!!! Well done! Thank you for your visit!! Cathy

  3. I believe if it comes from your heart, there is no wrong or right when making art, be it with words or a pencil and everything in between. You did a fine job. I got the essence of these wonderful haiku. Glad to have you amongst us on Fridays. As you know, I like coming to this safe harbor.


  4. welcome carol to haiku my heart!
    wonderful haiku, straight from your heart.
    so glad to have you join this warm and friendly group.
    i think you will find true companionship among the many lovers of small words!

  5. I didn't know much about haiku either...so I looked it up...and there are many different ways to write one. It is about conveying a feeling, wrapped in a bit of mystery...so I think yours are wonderful!

  6. brilliant!! and well done....come back to haiku love every Friday with us!!

  7. oh what a super cute photo!!!!! and I am not that familiar with Haiku....but it is pretty neat!!!

  8. Well could he be any sweeter!!

  9. Is your baby a Maltese? He is cute.

  10. Welcome to Haiku My Heart Fridays, Carol. It seems that there is no wrong or right with haiku...as long as you get the correct number of syllables in each line, you're set! I especially liked "Shine."

  11. Gemma ~ She is a Yorkshire Terrier ~ they also call them Yorkies ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  12. I think that is the sweetest photo of a yorkie, ever. I love it! I love your haiku too, and Lisa is right, there are many kinds of haiku, not just the 5-7-5. Yours are great and I like Shine a lot too. Welcome!

  13. Lovely haiku, your pooch looks like mine does when that black object hovers towards him, he turns his face everytime!

  14. what a darling pup...and i too, am a bit delayed...merry merry weekend, carol

  15. Wonderful words and beginning!
    Of course, I love your doggie!!!

  16. I agree with Spadoman 100%. You're not a haiku virgin anymore!

  17. Oh what a cute doggy! And I think you did a great job of the Haiku!! Well done, Carol!


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