Haiku Friday

Images on Beach Rock
do you see her?


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cozy warm inside

raw wind swirls the air about 

the house sways ever bold.

(carol l mckenna)

Hugs and namaste,

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  1. lovely words and image. Feeling the wind myself too !
    Have a cozy Friday !

  2. Second time I am reading the word bold today...must be a message.
    I see what you see in the drift wood.

  3. Raw winds swirl here too, Carol! Very nicely composed! =)

  4. She is lovely this maid in stone, watching you cozy inside while the winds blow...

  5. I see her! You have a good eye! We have swirling wind and snow here and are cozy inside today, so you haiku speaks to me. Cheers!

  6. That is a gorgeous photo. I would have missed her if you wouldn't point her out. Magical! :)

  7. Hi Carol!!! wonderful rock!!! I love natural things with colour and texture!!!

  8. a most awesome photo... natures colors can cure any lost survivors.... and the wind, well, we all follow where the wind goes....

  9. Not at first, but after you asked, I saw her. Beautiful haiku.

  10. That must be some wind! A terrific haiku.

  11. I do see a woman in your rock photo. I'm glad you are inside and cozy; Our Lady of the Rock can take the buffeting better than we humans can.

  12. I love this post!! The Lady of the Elements are indeed visiting you - your words are so evocative I can be there within the gale and the shelter.

  13. Carol, Lovely artwork - you are so talented......also, your haiku is wonderful - I could feel the rain swirling....And, yes, I see the rock-lady - good catch.....

  14. i see her and she is beautiful..


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