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Photo is for 52 Photo Projects

Prompt for the above photo was 'where to we go to renew our spirit.' I stay right home and am renewed each moment by this view. It is a treasure that I am grateful for and love. 


Light cast a shadow

Shades of nature reflecting back

Like a silhouette.

Hugs and namaste,

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  1. Ah, those shades of nature. Enjoyed that.

  2. Lovely words... beautiful image, soothing on then eye...

  3. Very nice photo and beautiful words.

  4. I'm in love with your view!!

    Great haiku!

  5. Lovely view and haiku. A beautiful place to renew, and how lucky you are to live so close.

  6. beautiful haiku Carol. The photos are lovely too!

  7. As always, your posts soothe me after a busy day. Thanks for being you, Carol. And give your partner a doggie hug for me!

  8. Carol, that is a stunning view to have from your home! I'm a little envious! ;-)

  9. awesome view! so glad you have it- we have water too & there is just something so special about it- I'll have to get a good shot of my view for you sometime (it's not as pretty as yours - but it's special to me) :)

  10. I love the spot where you go to renew. xo


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