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Love ever fragile,
Strong, though, in the 'broken places.'
live well, love self too.

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The photo above is for 52 Photo Projects. (click on orange link to go there.) It was taken today, a very cold wintry day, on the beach trying to walk my dog and clear my head of this rotten cold that everyone seems to have and drains the energy from you. The beach and ocean is a healing place for me and so I bring this photo with a message from some sweet person.

Hugs and namaste,

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Seems like everyone is catching something this winter. Be well! :)

  2. What a poignant post his week. There is nothing like a way on the beach - cold or not so cold. The peace and the mist of the water is so calming and thought provoking. I love the way you designed your image, and the capture of it is superb. The detail and textures are wonderful genie


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