Post Cards From Paradise



Post Cards from Paradise

Welcome to our blog where we try and see the world through the eyes of the artist's soul and share the inspirations with you. The above photo was taken in Edenton, North Carolina at Christmas time. The sky seemed to open up with glorious light reminding one that the dark, the light and shades in between are all part of the composition whether it be Life, creative works or the sacred in the ordinary. 

Pop over to Rebecca's POST CARDS and see other marvelous photographers' work. Sending Rebecca lots of 'healing energy' and healthy recovery from her surgery. 

Wishing you a magical, healthy and creative week.

Hugs and namaste,

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  1. dear carol,

    your peace and beauty is always a welcome gift.

  2. Gorgeous photo, dear. Such an eye for the beauty of the natural world and its wonders. Thank you!

  3. Ahhhhh, the dark and light, and the crack in the clouds that let's that light in.

  4. awash in calm, the steely greys and gunmetal blues of a constantly changing ocean, light in the sky!

  5. When I Googled the color of hope tonight, I was surprised to find a link to "Grey is the color of hope." Beautiful photo; thanks.

  6. good morning carol,
    i wanted to thank you for being the warm and peace filled presence you are at haiku my heart and postcards from paradise.
    i was out of the country and then sick once home so please forgive my delay in answering your question regarding my "saints and sinners" blog roll. rest assured it is in no way exclusive! inclusive is a key word in the cosmology of my living.
    i am so happy to have added creative harbor.


  7. "the dark, the light and shades in between are all part of the composition" Thank you for the beautiful photo and the heartfelt words.

  8. The caption as well as the photo is very resounding. These are way better than the ones I can buy from the souvenir shop.


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