ArtMuse Dog Asian Sketch

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Today we are exploring and linked to Sunday Sketches hosted by Sophie and joined with other versatile artists. We are also linked to photographers at Rebecca's Post Cards from Paradise. We are also linked with Pet Photos (click the highlighted links to go there.)

The above sketch (for Sunday Sketches) is done in Asian brush style. It is a sketch of ArtMuse Dog and I have yet decided whether I will add color to it or not.

The photo below (done for Post Cards from Paradise) is one of an ever popular photographed place 'Motif Number 1' in Rockport MA where tourists have already begun to flock to this little Paradise in MA. ArtMuse Dog and I were just down there yesterday walking around and enjoying the sun and briefly stopping by to see an artist friend who already was busy with people coming in and out to view his art work.

Motif No. 1
(red building in the distance)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and will enjoy the artists and photographers that are linked with us today.

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For me elegance is not to pass unnoticed but to get to the very soul of what one is.' 

(Christian LaCroix)


  1. I really enjoy these simple drawings, its always just enough, amazing how so few lines create such perfection

  2. I really like Sketch, but I thought it was a cat. As a cat person I probably see cats everywhere, lol !

  3. That is an adorable sketch! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Cute sketch! And beautiful photo,LOVE it! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. So nice to "meet" you.I enjoyed perusing your blog and artwork.I love the signature of "Art Dog".Your relaxed simple drawings are wonderful.I like your style.Thank you so much for visiting Me and commenting so sweetly on My painting.Denise

  6. I first thought it was a cat, too--also being a cat person--LOL! Cute, though.

    What a packed harbor or whatever they call it. (You can tell I have lived land-locked far inland!)

    Beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend. :)

  7. Cute dog! Love the new england coast - great picture!
    enjoy your Sunday!

  8. lovely quote at the end
    i love the simplicity of your sweet kitty
    and your photo, such a beautiful day!

  9. I'd like to see it in colour! And beautiful postcard!

  10. Did Art Muse Dog behave and sit still while being your model? I hope so - I guess you promised a treat!!

  11. oh...a few days ago the ponds were as blue and reflective as your sun filled photo. last night we lost all power...this morning we woke to a deep blanket of snow! suddenly it is snowing again!!!

  12. I too love the sketch of your dog-so simple and effective. And Rockport looks like a lovely place for a wander.

  13. wow, I love the awesome thoughtful cat! reminds me of those Japanese New Year luck cats, the ones' youre suppsed to draw the eye on to.

  14. Awww...your Asian cat is oh so cute, Carol. Adore it. :) Thank you for joining us each week. Hugs!

  15. Exploring brushes is an education all it's own..

  16. The sketch of the dog looks so simple (and so endearing) that even I might be able to do one like it!

    Cactus Postcard

  17. Your little Asian sketch is almost (but not quite) as cute as your Art Muse Dog. (Lindy says she likes the sketch best because little dogs make her nervous, but that's because she doesn't know any very well. She actually gets along fine with our Jack Russell granddog.)

  18. Love the post card...I can almost smell the salt air.

  19. I think Art Muse dog looks too cute for words in your pic of that harbour is wonderful;... no wonder people are heading there in droves...xx

  20. I love seeing the boats in the we have 11" of snow and counting in a freak spring storm!

  21. Totally gorgeous! such a sweet soul!


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