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Sunday Sketches ~ My Asian style Sketch

Welcome to our blog where we view life from an artist's soul and explore what creativity can do to enhance the inner spirit.

Today we are exploring the process of sketching which can be done using many mediums. You will find many different styles at Sophie's Sunday Sketches. We are also viewing photos with a photography link at Rebecca's Post Cards from Paradise. The photo below is where my true paradise lies currently ~ in our 'inner sanctum'. As the saying goes, 'there is no place like home.' You are viewing it from the 'Queen's perspective as her eyes are on me in the kitchen.

Our Inner Sanctum
Last, but not least is words for the soul, haiku at Haiku Heights. Check out the talented poets here. Below are my haiku which actually got posted on my Saturday post as I misunderstood the new schedule. (my excuse is I just had a very dear friend and colleague past on)  For the whole month of April poets will be posting a haiku a day.  Am not sure how many days I will do so. 
Wish me luck.


Below are my three haiku: (prompt word was 'eager')


eager to live, dance
best enjoy life at its best
moments well spent, joy.


trees, flowers eager
Mother nature is playing
go slow child, enjoy.


hawk eager, yet waits
exact moment to catch prey
lessons learned, see, be.

Hope you will enjoy all of the above blogs.

(carol l mckenna)

Hugs and namaste,


We love to have you post your comments, thoughts, or questions to delight us all in the day ~ especially,  ArtMuse Dog ^_^

Every Monday we have our own blog hop ~ Magical Monday Meme and would love to have you join with us with your magical poems, haiku, photos, sketches, paintings, living each day, creative ways you work, crafts and more. It is all magical. Can you see and feel the 'magic of life?' It is there.

QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' I don't believe, I know.' (Carl Jung)


  1. beautiful words and beautiful painting, love that frog!

  2. Love the picture of peeking puppy!
    You do such a good job on these oriental type paintings.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!! :)

  3. All the haiku are beautiful...and thanks Carol for your's indeed enhancing.. Namaste..and God bless!!

  4. I love that frog! It's so cute! Beautiful words!
    Have a lovely Sunday!


  5. That frog is wonderful! Love the way you captured him mid-hop! Keep it up with the poetry - you are very good at it!

  6. Beautiful set of haiku Carol....and that was a beautiful painting!

  7. "Mother nature is playing
    go slow child"...that was a cute one... :)

  8. Love the frog...and am totally in love with your wood burner...I have the perfect fireplace here that it would look fantastic in... Your dog is very cute... :)

  9. ah, the spirit of spring in words and art, you have inspired me to get out and play.

  10. love your frog, and the haikus are good! The 2nd is my fav! spring is the best time of year to go slow and enjoy the sights! happy sunday happy spring!

  11. Cute eager froggy! Nice painting, Carol!

  12. Gorgeous art and poem..wonderful...your frog is so beautiful....and awww..I totally love your sweet pup. Cute!!

  13. Love your haiku, so expressive. Love that froggie also.

    Happy Sunday

  14. I love the way she's peeking over the top of the sofa! Too cute :)

  15. Happy Sunday! Awesome frog sketch. I really like the style you used. Lovely haikus, too.

  16. Love your sketch, it's very well defined. And there really is no place like home!

  17. your haikus are wonderful, Carol! they paint a picture with only a few words. and the style of your frog is so distinct. the free lines are like the haikus, simple but conveying the essentials.
    and oh what a cute doggy peeking out from the sofa!

  18. Love your frog, Carole. Well done. The entire piece flows really well. And adore your doggy peeking up over the back of the couch. :)

  19. Such a genle and peaceful entry and lovely blog destination! I'm comingback!

  20. Your inner sanctum and your frog sketch are little bits of paradise, that's for sure. Sorry about the loss of your friend.

  21. Love the frog - so lively - and I see Art Muse Dog is very clever in how he looks from his comfy perch on the couch! Thanks for the comment re/ judgment -- very easy to forget the truth of what you say :D

  22. Such a great lively frog and lovely words too. Happy SS


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