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Above is a photo of a Grandmother doll created by a Native American Indian that I bought at local Museum. Unfortunately it does not have the creator's name on the card. Look closely and you will see the baby's face is looking up into the Grandmother's face. I thought this was too endearing and sweet not to purchase. Hope you think so too.

Below is a special rock wall at one of our favorite beaches for Writing on the Wall.

Rock Wall with Ice and Digitally Altered

Below are my three haiku: (prompt word was 'eager')


eager to live, dance
best enjoy life at its best
moments well spent, joy.


trees, flowers eager
Mother nature is playing
go slow child, enjoy.


hawk eager, yet waits
exact moment to catch prey
lessons learned, see, be.

Hope you are having a wonder filled weekend.

Hugs and namaste,


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  1. Hello Carol, This grandmother doll and baby are so sweet, the blanket exquisite... my favorite lines from your beautiful haiku is, "go slow child enjoy." I think the grandmother is singing this to the baby...

  2. Namaste!I love the picture, with the baby looking up into the grandmother's face! It seems to illustrate your second haiku! Great to find your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

  3. Beautiful grandmother doll; it's too bad the artist didn't sign her name on something.

  4. Lovely haiku, and the little figure is just perfect! Valerie

  5. What a sweet little stuffed doll- it's a pity the artist didn't put a tag or something! Great haikus prompted by the word "eager". Patsy from

  6. I love that doll - it's beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and have a lovely day!

  7. I love your rock wall with the ice. Thank you for playing along. Love your haiku and doll. Precious.

  8. joining you from writing on the wall:)
    how I love rocks!

  9. What a lovely doll!!
    Beautiful photo.
    Have a wonderful evening. :)

  10. Joining the chorus of love for the grandmother doll. I too would have found her irresistable.

  11. Very nice haiku set...I like that mother nature is playing ~

  12. Great haiku Carol! Love the first one.

  13. Ah, we're so eager to get on with things. Nicely said.

  14. all equally beautiful takes Carol....:)

    lovely presentation of nature at its best!

  15. The hawk has important lessons to teach us. Thanks for the reminder!

    Eager Wildflower

  16. "eager and slow", "see, be" wonderful words!

  17. i like the images, especially the hawk and the dance

     four eager senryu

  18. the second one speaks of spring... a lot I feel. beautiful. :)

  19. The grandmother and baby figures are lovely, as are your haiku. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  20. I like the image of mother nature playing.


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