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Cape Ann MA Beach

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Today we are exploring the impact of water on all of us. The blog we are linked to is Nature Footstep ~ 'Waters' is the theme and being hosted from Stockholm. Whether it is the ocean, lake or a pond, most humans are drawn to it, little children love it and can even find a puddle anywhere ~ especially if you say 'don't. So the spirit is calmed, renewed, healed by water. Our bodies are composed of ninety odd percent of water ~ we spend 9 months surrounded by amniotic fluid. Who wouldn't be drawn to a familiar feeling and space. Who knows maybe we evolved from the the ocean many centuries ago. Enjoy the link above, Nature Footstep ~ no carbon print there.

Use highlighted link in 2nd paragraph to go there.

The photo above is of a local beach that I have walked on many times. More recently it is one of the chosen places for walks with my little Yorkie. We are always walking near water or even in it. She is very tiny but has been taking long walks since she was a puppy. Now she is 5 years old and still walks along at a very speedy clip. We are blessed with many such locations to walk and all very close to home. 

ArtMuse Dog is my assistant and here she is resting after her daily constitutional. Rather wintry, windy and cold here. So we are both rather 'spent'.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.' (Anne Lamott)


  1. What a delightful watery shot, Carol! I love the way the sun has been included and makes for a very special picture.
    Love the ArtMuse Dog! :-)

  2. love the beach -and that bend on the right side gives it an interesting look!

  3. What a lovely post, I love living near the water and always find it has a very calming effect on my mood.

  4. Love the photo.. Say Hi to Art Muse dog for me.. will check back for Magical Monday

  5. Nice photo. The quotes are inspiring. Hi to your cute muse.

  6. a perfect beach. :) We don´t have much of them. Our cost is mainly rocky. That is beautiful too, but harder to get to. And walk on. Your beach seems perfect for an evening stroll. :)

  7. I love that beach shot, it makes me long for summer!

  8. Carol, I have been hoping to connect with you. We had tried to get together at an earlier time many years ago but my world disintegrated. You were "sent" to warn me that getting a masters in social work might be a mistake, and it was, lol. I once lived in Gloucester for a few years, and your posts remind me of my experiences there. I currently live in Franklin, NH where my son and I run a small inn called Casaneo B&B.Please contact me if you would like to get together sometime. Thank you, Deborah

  9. So gorgeous! I do so love the sea. Your blog header photo is also gorgeous. What a lovely blog you have...a peaceful place to visit. Thank you!

  10. Lovely beach view. I'm visiting from NF Waters.


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