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PLEASE NOTE: To read my haiku and to follow the Haiku April challenge ~ please click on tab above this post and enjoy.

Today as well as writing haiku for two blogs, we are also exploring photography one with a 'word prompt' and one Watery Wednesday. Once again we are also linking up with 'silence' through 3 blogs that have Wordless Wednesday. So, if 'variety is the spice of life' ~ then today we have various poets, photographers and more.

Do join us on our creative journey exploring by clicking on the highlighted links and see the beauty of the world from many different perspectives. It is so good for the soul. Here are the blogs: Bella's 52 Photos Project winding up a year long 'blog hop' with the 'word prompt' of 'Golden Hour' and continuing into the second year, Haiku Sensational, with the word prompt 'annoyance', Nature Foot Step with Watery Wednesday and 
In Him We Live, with Favorite Photos and  Wordless blogs are continuing with  Aquariann's, and Dave's Philosophy.

The above photo is for 52 Photos Project's word prompt ~ Golden Hour ~ This, indeed, is a golden hour around here as the sun rises outside our window. What a gift and am truly grateful.

My haiku for Haiku Sensational follows:


let it all go now
hinterland ready easing
life's annoyances away.


could be annoyance
tapping on your head, buzzing
loud noise to awake.


annoyance mind state
self choice, aware, tune out - in
mindful living soul.

Hope you enjoy the photos, haiku and the silence. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Taking joy in life is a woman's best cosmetic.' (Rosalind Russell)


  1. Everyone needs to learn to let the little things go that bug them. It's so important!

  2. Considering the current time, there is a good chance that come tomorrow morning, first thing, I will be repeating the words to your second Haiku…a bit grumpily. :) Happy WW!

  3. so very peaceful. a beautiful golden moment captured, for sure...

  4. Yes, we need to let go of it. Nice one.

  5. the phot is lovely but so are your haiku, the last makes so much sense!

  6. I love your photos and your haiku. Glad I found you.

  7. Beautiful photos. Something annoying you? I have trouble keeping track of all the groups you follow. You are one busy woman! Love the quote, too.

  8. Lovely haikus, as always! Did you see who my quote was from today? :D

    -:¦:- Featured Photo: Kwanzan Cherry Tree -:¦:-

  9. beautiful sunsets. And nicely captured. :)

  10. Click on your link at aquariann and found such a lovely blog. Your pictures and poetry are lovely--thanks for sharing them. I'm a new follower.

  11. Beautiful photos, Carol! Your blog is always a place to come and relax and enjoy some virtual serenity.

  12. Carol, I always find your post and photos, peaceful and soothing. After a hectic day today, it was exactly what I needed to see. Thank you!

  13. Wow, very relaxing and pleasing to the eyes and soul.

    Nature Trekking on Holy Saturday. My first time joining NFS Waters.

  14. a beautiful sunrise! have a happy weekend :)

  15. Using a mental "hinterland" to exile annoyances is a beautiful teaching!

  16. tapping on your head, both read and imaginary are very annoying

    haiku and senryu about annoyances


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