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Love the shadows and light ~ but what is it?

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Today is Monday and we are have a blog hop ~ Magical Monday Meme to explore a variety of  ways people express their creative self. We are also viewing Macro Monday with all the talented photographers. Creative Everyday is another blog that hosts many different styles of artistic expression. The above photo is for everyone ~ more specifically for Macro Monday. It is a handmade item designed by a very young local girl who used recycled boating items. What is it?

Everyday this month at Haiku Heights poets will be contributing their haiku based on the 'prompt' for the day ~ April 2nd ~ today is 'deserted'. My haiku for the day are below:

town was deserted
no jobs, only tumbleweeds
dry to the bone, no life.

tree stood alone, tall
shadows fell and sun went down
night filled deserted.
(carol l mckenna)

The above photograph is of our favorite beach but what caught my eye was the cloud formation and how puffy and white they were against a beautiful blue sky. The scene filled my spirit with awesome magical delight of nature's creation.

Hope you will enjoy your visit with us today and explore the other blogs above. Jump in and show us your Magical creative expressions by scrolling to the bottom of the post where it reads 'your next ~ enter' ~ Looking forward to seeing you all.

May there be much magical energy in your week.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. 
(Ivy Baker Priest)


  1. Looks like a sideways picture of a doormat to me.
    Lovely picture with beautiful clouds! :)
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. I agree it looks like a doormat. :-)

  3. I enjoyed your haiku, especially the first one with the line "no jobs, only tumbleweeds" that sounds deserted indeed.

  4. You clicked a lovely image! Namaste:)

  5. Good one.. Carol.. Namaste.. no I haven't tried to find..the puzzle..

  6. I like your second Haiku very much. The photo is very beautiful too. I uploaded my thumb nail photo. Unfortunately it was very dark. I do not know why.
    Have a nice week for you.

  7. I've lived in little tumbleweed towns in Kansas, so I know the feeling of being deserted!

    Deserted Branches

  8. a quilt?
    I too love the light and shadows
    and I can see why that beach is your favorite

  9. lovely, deep and intense Haikus... :)

  10. lovely, deep and intense Haikus...2nd one was a caught for me...

    and now getting I'm getting myself caught into your blog as well for more such catchy lines... :)
    take care... :)

  11. Nice set of haiku...and beautiful picture!

  12. You live in a such a beautiful place! The shape of those rocks against the clouds is stunning...


  13. Lovely haiku, and a terrific photo Carol!

  14. Hi there, what a beautiful place you live in :) I hope you have a wonderful week, thanks for hosting.

  15. i like no jobs only tumbleweed

  16. I love the tapestry - it's colors and texture! Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  17. Nice set..the first one paints a despairing picture ~

  18. Nicely done Carol. My favorite is the first one. Thank you also for that wonderful picture.

  19. That last photo is LOVELY!
    I agree with the doormat guess. If you twist your head for the landscape view it makes sense. :)


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