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Lovely Purple Flowers from Myrtle Vine

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Today we are exploring our own Blog Hop ~ Magical Monday Meme. And Macro Monday and Creative Everyday.

Magical Monday is open to anyone who is the least bit creative ~ some ideas, parenting, photography, painting, sketching, knitting, poetry, and more. I am hoping to provide a forum on Mondays for some of those non-traditional creatives who think they are not creative because they don't compose music, write poetry or paint ~ as well as those who do. We want 'you' who create ~ your medium ~ your style. Just link up at the bottom of this post where it reads 'enter here' ~ 'you are next' ~ Love to have you join us and tell your friends. Only rule is: Leave your link to your post that you want to share (not your main part of blog) and post a link on your blog back to Magical Monday Meme. Thanks.

We are also linked to Lisa's  Macro Monday and the photo above is for that link. The third and last photo is for Leah's  Creative Everyday ~ (click on highlighted links to go there.)

Please wish, pray, send positive Energy for Carl (my brother) and his family ~ Carl is doing okay ~ but in hospital for severe asthma attack. He is recovering nicely but could use your well wishes. Thanks ^_^

for Creative Everyday ~ a manipulated photograph and haiku

We hope you enjoyed our post today, will link up to our blog hop below and have a wonderful, joyful and healthy week. Thanks for coming by.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' May you live all the days of your life.'
(Jonathan Swift) 


  1. Love the flowers, family, and the painting! :)

    Your comment vanished, but I was going to tell you that I DO have each comment moderated and in the past I could read them, publish them, and then they showed up as emails. Now I can read them, publish them, but they may or may not show up in my inbox via email. Seems like maybe around 80% of them do. This has only been happening since they switched me over. But I do have the same boxes checked that I always did. I checked. It is so random. *sigh* I hope it just repairs itself.

  2. I like the wall of little purple flowers. I hope your brother recovers quickly!

  3. Lovely shot of the Vinca!
    Prayers for Carl. Hope he's feeling better soon.

  4. Always cool links and visits here. Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  5. This watercolour work and Haiku is gorgeous. I love the pen and splatter details. Just remembered it is Monday. I could link up my post if it is relevant:)

  6. Hi Carol,

    I can't wait to see what you are putting in your friend's art gallery. I know that is nerve wracking, but am sure your art will be appreciated.


  7. wonderful signs of spring popping up everywhere

  8. Your Myrtle picture is so pretty!! I jumped into your hop this week. I'm sending lots of good thoughts to your brother. I too suffer from asthma, but thankfully mine is mild. Enjoy your week!

  9. Hi Carole and ArtMuseDog!! Nice to see you and your wonderful, creative work, as always! I am just over from Macro Monday :)

  10. Looks so "Spring" the little purple flowers ! My best wishes for your brother !

  11. I love your blog! It is so positive and uplifting! I am thinking good thoughts for your brother .. I hope he feels better soon!

  12. Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I've just entered a link to your blog hop! Wonderful of you to host :) I also send well wishes for your brother, and hope him a speedy recovery!


  13. Hi, thanks for hosting :) I am adding my link..
    Enter my giveaway & Have fun!

  14. The little purple flowers are so cute!


    Fire once touched here
    We thought it summer thawing
    Winter never left

    M Durfee

    I just didn't feel like making a post today but I do love a prompt. Thank you, calm blog you have here.

  16. Hi Carol. I am only creative enough to enjoy your beautiful posts. (Somebody has to be here to admire other people's creativity -- and that's my job!) Thanks for your lovely haikus, beautiful photos and serene thoughts; I always enjoy my visits!

  17. Hi Carol! I'm so happy you stopped by today. What a lovely Blog you have and thank you for inviting me to you party! You Brother is in our prayers. I am your newest Friend and you'll find yourself on my Blog Party Page and Bloglist!

  18. Carol!!! I love the sweet purple flowers and your sweet photos!!! THank you for hosting this Monday Blog hop!!!!

  19. Afraid my creativity ebbs more than it flows, but, I will remember your blog hop next time it is flowing.

    What a cutie with all that red hair. Reminds me of one of my cousins back when we were kids together.

  20. Carol,
    Lovely feeling came over me as I read your post this morning, I felt I was on the east coast, in a small harbor town, lovely family too, thanks for the transport from MN.
    Cheri CED

  21. What beautiful pics!
    My creative passion is drawing. I find it relaxing.
    And thank you for your help, dear!! :)

  22. Carol, Best wishes for your brother. I always love seeing what you are doing. oxo Terah

  23. Oopsie...I missed the link up!! Thank you for the invite, though!
    I'm your newest follower, so I will link up next week.


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