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My latest Magical Creation

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The above Asian type brush painting felt 'magical' to me because I had most of the sketch done and then I 'botched' it. I left having the feeling I can 'fix it', though, 'let it sit' for awhile. So here she is just about complete.  Hope you will appreciate her.

The painting above is also for Creative Everyday and the photo below is for Macro Monday. (click the highlighted link to go there)

Macro of a Magnolia Tree Buds

Wishing you a wonderful magical week and hope you have enjoyed our post today and will enjoy the wonderful artists and photographers linked here and hopefully more below for the Magical Monday Meme.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Our words misunderstand us.'
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  1. Lovely drawing. I love all that pink! It works great with the dark black hair.

  2. wow, busy busy, the painting is lovely, not botched at all! The photo is beautiful as well, such candy to the eyes after a long winter,

  3. These magnolias are just beautiful!

  4. I LOVE the magnolias AND your latest creation...beautiful watercolor! Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  5. She looks pretty good to me. And the flowers are so pretty.
    Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

  6. A lovely watercolor, she appears to be waiting for someone special. I love those magnolias.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You asked about the kitten's mom. She was among the strays we trapped and was spayed during our event. She was returned to her home.

  7. Lovely magnolia buds!
    Sketching is something I wish I could do. I do have a sketchbook by my desk and I doodle - it calms me.

  8. Love the magnolia buds--they are a very luxurious flower!

  9. Beautiful! Lovely blog! I have just discovered you, and I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  10. Carol, your painting is beautiful. I love the combination of colors and the peacefulness about your subject. Have a wonderful week.

  11. Your painting looks lovely to me. You are very blessed and gifted to be able to paint with water colors.

  12. Magnolia trees are beautiful. I wish I had one close by to photograph!

  13. a botched painting can ALWAYS be transformed into something beautiful. :-) I love the black you used in the painting... Happy Monday Carol! xoxo

  14. Beautiful buds Carol, and I love your painting.

  15. Very nice design and a beautiful magnolia !

  16. Few things inspire more awe and appreciation for nature than a budding tree in Spring time.
    Thanks for sharing, its lovely.

  17. Hi there - just added a link to my 'wordy blog' on the blog hop.

    I had a lot of fun wandering over the sand following the crabs - my wife said I looked like a madman!

    Hope you have a good week

  18. Thanks for the invite & hosting! Theresa @


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