Paint Party Friday and Haiku My Heart

Another Asian type brush painting of minnows.

Welcome to our blog where we view life from the eyes of an artist soul and explore how creativity enhances the inner spirit.

Today we are exploring painting and poetry and how they enhance the soul. Creativity does heal the mind, body and soul if you let it. When one is creating something, whatever that project might be, one's spirit is centered and focused. The energy is gently moving through the person's mind, body and soul. It is when the energy becomes blocked that 'dis-ease' manifests itself and needs some means to release the energy. Creativity could be that release. Trying some deep breaths as well.

Today's post is for Friday and that means Paint Party Friday and Haiku My Heart. The artists and poets have been busy creating and share each Friday what it is they have created.

The above painting is an Asian type brush painting that I created of 'minnows'. Of course, these fish are not normally purple. I decided to use my 'artistic license' and render them purple. It seemed to be the color my inner spirit wanted to use to express myself at that moment in time.

Below are my haiku which is another way I use my spiritual energy. I find that once again, when I am focused on writing haiku, my whole being takes over and for that period of time 'I am 'far from the maddening crowd'. I am in a deep spiritual place.

by carol l mckenna


life changes, how constant
time fleets ever quickly by
reminding, enjoy.


eternal moment
expect change, go with flow, be
shine your gift to all.


pay attention, see
peace, joy surround each being 
gently feel center.

Hope you have enjoyed my painting and my haiku and will click on the links to visit other wonderful artists and poets to add  two types of creativity to your today. Happy Weekend.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Creativity is the ability to solve problems, think of unusual strategies, compose poetry, music and painting.'
(Deng Ming-Dao) 


  1. Love your purple minnows! ;)
    Have a super weekend. :)

  2. wow..lovely post
    new to your space..
    excellent space you have
    nice presentation
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime

    Tasty Appetite

  3. As someone who cannot even draw a straight line, I do admire your art skills. It's a lovely picture. And yes, life is constantly changing and hopefully brings a breath of fresh air now and again. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. hope you'll be round again.

  4. Your painting looks fabulous! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your lovely comment!

  5. love your 'zen' minnows...very peaceful.

  6. I love your koi. I admire the haiku poetry - cannot image being successful doing it myself though...

  7. So beautiful and powerful Carol..loved your poem very much.. and the wisdom you always share! Gorgeous the color in your work..lavender..lilac! Blissful!!

  8. Pity! My translator does not allow me to appreciate the beauty of the Haikus, but if the painting. Best regards

  9. Love your brush strokes. :) Beautiful painting!

  10. Very lovely combination. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. good morning carol!
    thank you for being here each friday to share the beauty that is haiku my heart.
    your haiku are each a gorgeous petition for peace.

  12. Wonderful post! Love your painting. Kim

  13. Beautiful reflective haiku today Carol!

  14. There is a nice movement and energy in the minnow painting. Great job!

  15. Hi again, Carol and ArtMuseDog! I LOVE the 3 minnows. Really, really well done :)

  16. Loving your minnows, great movement and enjoyed your Haiku reading as well. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend. Annette x

  17. Both your haiku and your painting touched me today. The gently movement of your brush along with your words complimented each other perfectly.

  18. Just beautiful! Both your painting and your poetry! Happy PPF!

  19. Purple minnows swim
    in peaceful, beauteous pool
    painted with much love.


    Sue x

  20. Love your violet minnow painting!
    And my favorite part of your haiku was about going with the flow! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  21. I love your koi- such a wonderful companion for your beautiful poetry!
    Happy PPF,

  22. Thank you so much for your visit at my blog and your nice words about my magazine! I hope you will enjoy your copy and that it will satisfy your creative heart! Have a nice weekend!

  23. Useful to remind oneself that change is part of life, that water flows through the route of least resistence and inspite its softness it always passes through :-) patience is a gift, indeed.

  24. Love your little purple fishies! You have a great knack for poetry too ...words often elude me completely.

  25. Life is always changing and we must be grateful for all our blessings. Thanks for the lovely words ~

  26. Love the painting, very simple but it draws you in!

  27. LOVE!!!! the minnows! These are great Carol. You should be really proud of this, you are definitely in your element.

  28. I love what you say about releasing energy through art - I am sooo feeling that and appreciating that lately! You haikus are so wonderful - brings me to a place of mindfulness and gratitude when I soak in your words!! And your soul colored minnows are beautiful - love that purple!!

  29. Love the painting. Wonderful set of haikus! Thank you.

  30. The minnows and the haiku are exquisite.

  31. Love your gorgeous fishies. I paint a lot of fish, just love the movement and colours.

  32. You are sharing you gift with all of us!
    And I love it :)

  33. had to be purple - couldn't be any other way! Thanks for sharing re/ the creative process - a good thing to remember sometimes , re creativity and wellbeing

  34. Carol, i love the purple minnows!! And your haikus are always so perfect. One could say 'centered' or grounded. :-) Beautiful work. xoxo

  35. WOW Carol! Loved your illo and the poems...
    I loved the movement in your illo...and the first haiku is just profound!

    Thanks for your visit and comment last week :)

  36. Your haikus are always so beautifully poignant, it 's miraculous! Lovely, excuisite painting!

  37. The minnows are simple and beautiful. I am glad you used your intuition to decide on their color. Simple and beautiful also is your Haiku

    Thank you again, Carol for your comments and encouragement on my blogsight.

  38. Happy PPF Carol.
    Nice work - lots of movement. Love the colour too.


  39. I am loving your Asian inspired watercolors and the lovely Haiku. I really love the minnows and the goldfish. Beautiful. Really beautiful.

  40. Such lovely, peaceful images in both words and paint. xo


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