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~ for 52 Photo Projects ~ 'A glimpse of me' ~

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Today we are exploring photography, haiku poetry, (please note for the month of April Haiku Heights has its own page ~ click the tab above to comment) and also several sites that are Wordless Wednesdays. Silence is always golden when appropriate and photography and haiku speak to the soul as well.  Thus, we are linked to 52 Photos Project (prompt was glimpse of self). I had to be creative about this prompt as I rarely like photos of myself. The above photo is the result of my exploring options for this 'prompt'. The other sites we are linked to are Haiku Sensational ~  Nature Footstep  (photo below), and the following are all Wordless Wednesday sites: Aquariann's ~  In Him We Live and Dave's Life. Click on any of the pink links to visit these wonderful photographers and poets.

Haiku Sensational
(prompt was 'freestyle' my choice)


doubt yourself, trouble
trust within, let ego play
live your real dreams.

sparrow hawk so high
blessing me with your presence
posing a message.

she bird left the nest
deserted wee babes lonely
food arrived babes loved.
(carol l mckenna)

Light Reflecting ( for Nature Step)

We hope you have enjoyed the haiku and photography and will have a wonderful and creative day.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. (Thomas Moore)


  1. I like the half photo of you--LOL! And that's a beautiful shot of the sun coming through the clouds. Love to watch hawks. And the quote--part of living mindfully is to be very aware of all the little things you do all day long and do them lovingly. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Doubts play on our minds, very likely most times! Inspirations bless us to overcome and what better than to the home. Well said, Carol! Great haiku!


  3. I like your haiku and self portrait and the photograph of a grey day. Very relaxing.

  4. that was an awesome freestyle...seeing this anyone will become your fan...
    loved the 2nd one... :)
    namaste... :)

  5. Very spiritual Haiku. I like the first one. It's very impressive.

  6. What a beautiful site! I love your header picture and the haikus are great!
    I will certainly be back!
    Thanks for the visit

  7. Fun pic and deep haiku. A good combination.

  8. Hi Carol,

    The light reflection photo looks so peaceful. I can picture my self there just relaxing on a misty morning. The poem is very inspiring, telling us to trust in the good that is to come.

  9. great post! love the haiku and the photos!

  10. Very nice set of haiku. My favorite is the second one. Enjoyed the picture too.

  11. well help there, carol! a sweet little peek...

  12. helloooooo there.

    and a needed haiku, thank you!

  13. Even a glimpse is a treat!!
    Loved your Haiku's....Happy Easter...G

  14. it's fun getting a glimpse of the individuals on the sites that I enjoy visiting and taking inspiration from!

  15. Lovely glimpse of you - your eyes remind me of a friend my dad has known since college.

    -:¦:- Featured Photo: Orange Rooster -:¦:-

  16. Very inspiring, especially that "doubt yourself, trouble". Loved them!

  17. Very inspiring, especially that "doubt yourself, trouble". Loved them!

  18. nice to see you! thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  19. Nice post... thanks for stopping by :)


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