Sunday Sketches and Post Cards from Paradise


Welcome to our blog where we view life from the eyes of an artist soul and explore what creativity can do to enhance the inner spirit.

Today, Sunday, we are and have been exploring creativity through Asian brush painting and photography. They both seem to come from my inner spirit and nourish my inner spirit at the same time. What does that mean? It means I am becoming more of who 'I already am.' For years I spent seeking outside myself and then began to find it is all within me. The more I made time to create the stronger my inner spirit, higher Self became. It was mainly through creativity that my thirsty soul began to become centered and focused.  Then, I realized if I hadn't put creativity into my life, I and my muse would have been 'grumbling' and not happy for a good part of the time. So here we are ~ here I am.

Today I am sharing with you my creativity and exploring with Sunday Sketches and Post Cards from Paradise.   Both sites have wonderful artists, photographers who are filled with 'the spirit'. Click on the highlighted links to enjoy these wonderful artists. The above sketch ~ painting is another Asian brush painting combined with some watercolor. It is based upon simplicity and economy of brush strokes, color, and composition. Expressing more with less. I am still practicing and will be for some time.

The photograph below is: my 'Post Card from Paradise'


None other than (ArtMuse Dog) her 'pen name' ~ ^_^. She is as you can see in her very own 'paradise'. Yet she does share the space and we do, indeed, live in a place that is paradise. There are many other places of 'paradise' ~ Hawaii is one I can say I have been there. Where is a 'paradise' for you?

Hope you enjoy the artists' sketches and the artists' photos. Have a wonderful week ~ 

Hugs and namaste,


We love to have you post your comments, thoughts or questions to delight us all in the day ~ especially, ArtMuse Dog ^_^

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It is all magic.

QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' Trust the gods within, accept given boons, illusion is reality's border, pierce fear to go beyond.'
(Deng Ming-Dao)


  1. beautiful crab, beautiful quote and such a sweet heart of a pooch! She looks like she has it really rough, lol!!!

  2. ...hi! ~ i do sO love li'l muse! ~ thankyoU for your slice of s.s.! ~ blessed be!...

  3. Love this one, Carol. And your postcard's adorable!

  4. Did you eat that crab? Love pictures of Muse! My right here at home. ;)

  5. Love it! And your little one is a as cute as can be too! :)

  6. Really like the crab picture! Wish I could've been there to share!

  7. I see ArtMuse Dog is waiting patiently while you snap another photo of her. She knows when you're done she can go back to enjoying her paradise. Hee-hee.

  8. Love the crab...great job... Postcard pooch looks gorgeous.. ;)

  9. Is the crab in a bowl or a pool? Could be either.... let's hope for his sake that it's a pool!

    The pic of your relaxing doggy is priceless!

  10. Your crab is absolutely amazing! Wow! Very well done!! And your doggy is oh so cute. :)

    Happy SS!

    1. I have always found Asian painting so interesting and yours is great. You have inspired me.

  11. YES! You definitely achieved simplicity and economy of brush strokes, color, and composition with this painting........FABULOUS!

    Your dog is darling :)

  12. My fur baby loves sleeping up on the top of the lounge when it is hot... so cute seeing the pic and I love your crab... we had Crab for dinner last night... so feeling like we are very aligned at the moment...xx

  13. so glad you found art
    it really is a gift to create

    loved seeing your piece and your doggy friend ~

    lovely week to you.

  14. good morning carol and thank you for a sweet taste of what comprises your paradise. forgive my very late visit. life unexpectedly took me to boston and far away from computers. home now and wanted to begin by thanking you for your place in my heart.

  15. Love that watercolour of the crab and your art muse dog is one lucky critter being spoiled like that!

  16. I love the fluidity of your cards!!!


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