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More Asian type brush paintings

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Today for creativity expression we are exploring artists who sketch at Sophie's Sunday Sketches and artists who express themselves through photography at Rebecca's Post Cards from Paradise.  (click on highlighted links to go there)

The above photo is another Asian type brush painting using ink and watercolor. They are my rendition of gold fish. As a little girl I had a gold fish and when it died I cried and cried. Then I made a grave for it with Popsicle sticks. My sensitivity was ever present even then.

The photo below is another Asian type brush painting. To me this is a type of Paradise ~ Reading a good book under a tree.

Hugs and namaste,


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  1. The gold fish piece is lovely. Should be framed, Carol.
    I'm trying this chinese art look today - painting mountains.

  2. Great pictures. I love reading outside, especially under trees. I like to do it near water because the sounds soothe me :)

  3. I love the goldfish piece, too - definitely agree you should frame it.
    So sad, isn't when we lose a pet of any kind!
    youur brushwork is just lovely
    enjoy your Sunday!

  4. I really like your Asian brush paintings. The goldfish have such a different look than the purple ones last week!

  5. Great pieces, really love that first one!

  6. Love the goldfish...great job...the brush work is lovely... :)

  7. I liked the tree painting. If I had a tree to sit under I would love to read beneath it. The fish look great. My son used to do exactly that when we had goldfish.

  8. Beautiful work...wonderfully inspired! Happy SS

  9. oh yes, paradise, or painting under a tree, both are wonderful. lovely sunday to you~

  10. lovely art this week! so inspiring!

  11. Nice work! Hope you have had a great weekend! :)

  12. I love the colours of the goldfish. Stunning combination. And the tree has such a flowing feel, restful and content.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  13. Reading a good book is always paradise -- no matter where you're sitting.

  14. Carol, your gold fish TOTALLY rock!! LOVE them and the style of this one. :)


  15. The fish look so elegant. Really great job on this one.

  16. I had a gold fish called Jimmy it lived to be 12 years old, that old it lost all it's gold! Do you think they went to paradise? ;~)


    Sue x

  17. Hi Carol
    Nice paintings - I love pet fishes. Gold fishes like the ones you painting are lovely to look at, they sure sway lots and their tails dance when they move.

    The 2nd painting makes me think of a bright sunny day. Enjoy your reading in paradise - make sure you have you sunglasses with you.

    Have a happy week

  18. beautiful wonderful fish! I accidentally killed a goldfish when I was very young and felt guilty for years! I still don't like fish very much LOL - in any event, a wonderful painting

  19. Really love the gold fish!!!!

  20. dear carol,
    forgive my late arrival. i have been outside all day working in the garden....and painting, both being paradise to me! i love the simplicity of your paintings where emotion expresses through each brush stroke is everything!
    thanks for sharing your beautiful paradise.

  21. Love the goldfish!!
    Sending a pray your brother's way. I hope he is doing okay.


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