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Carousel ~  'Movement'

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Today's post is for Wednesday and that means exploring photography, haiku and Wordless Wednesday blogs. Today we are exploring 52 Photos Project, Haiku Sensational, Aquariann's, Dave's and Sue's  and Celebrate Woman Today Wordless Wednesdays.

The above photos is for 52 Photo Projects with the word prompt being 'movement'. Actually, I rode on this Carousel recently with ArtMuse Dog, my brother, Carl and his grandchildren, Miley and Owen. So I give you movement and a memory of your childhood days riding the 'flying horses'. Wasn't it great fun?

Below are my haiku for Haiku Sensational and another photo for the Wordless Wednesday blogs. Hope you enjoy them all. Click on the 'pink links' to go to each blog and comment on their creativity.



fire warm and toasty
warming chilled rainy spring day
house happy with warmth.


sky red ball of fire
permanent rose pallet night
ever so gentle.


spinning round and round
fire dancer celebrates life
everlasting time.

Hugs and namaste,


We love to have you post your comments, thoughts or questions to delight us all in the day ~ especially, ArtMuse Dog ^_^

QUOTE FOR THE DAY: 'Firelight doesn't dispel darkness; it illuminates happenings within it. Darkness remains. Darkness and silence are constant. (McLuhan)


  1. I love carousels...great for kids and even better for adults!

  2. What a beautiful carousel! I can almost hear the music. Thanks for sharing.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  3. Beautiful carousel. Reminds me of the one here that came from the old Highland Park. It was restored and is now avaiable for rides in an indoor setting. I took my ninety year old Aunt (who rode it as a young girl) to see it and she would not get off. In fact she was still on it when the place closed and they let her have one more ride all by herself before we had to leave.

    what fun memories from that day and my own childhood this photo brings back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. What a great picture! I have to admit that when I was a (cautious) kid, I always preferred sitting in the chariot rather than riding the horses.

  5. great capture for movement. and, you're right...the memories... :)

  6. Haha I thought about doing the same picture but didn't make it down to the carousel this weekend. Great shot

  7. Lovely picture of the carousel, takes me right back to my childhood.

  8. What a wonderful series of haiku! I love the warmth and love in them.

  9. Both your picture and haiku are joyous and wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I sometimes like to think of myself as a fire dancer. How did you know?

    Wreath of Fire

  11. ... red ball of fire is a great line!

  12. You set a cosy scene with the haiku.

  13. pleasant warmth! especially like the fire dancer image!

  14. What a great shot of the carousel! It definitely brings back fond memories! Loved your haiku as well! Namaste...Janet

  15. Magical haiku! Last weekend I went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean ballet. When Captain Jack and Elizabeth are stuck on the island, a group of dancers came out dressed as flames - II and III describes them perfectly in my mind.

    -:¦:- Featured Photo: Peach Rose -:¦:-

  16. Terrific haiku Carol! I love the warmth of the fire on an early, still chilly spring day.

  17. The first haiku reminds me of a cosy, homely fireplace setting... and I love the sense of energy in the fire-dancer image of the third haiku.
    Well done!

  18. Oh, I haven't been on a carousel in years. I can't wait to take my little one for a ride when we find one.

  19. fun memory to think of the carousel rides!

  20. I pictured you warm and happy in your house, as I know you love warmth......As for the sky-fire, I went there too.....As always, great work...

  21. A warm fire on a chilly Spring evening sounds perfect. I have just enough fire wood left for one last burn and the temp.s are supposed to dip down again soon. I think I'll light a fire to celebrate the turning of the seasons.

    Thank you for visiting The Secret Goddess today <3

  22. Such a great picture! I love the ball of fire.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! Juneberries are ok fresh. They are so yummy cooked. Like in cobbler, pies and I love them in muffins. They get a nutty slash berry taste. I serve them a lot in greek yogurt. They contain a lot of antioxidants. Another name for them is serviceberry. It's a bush, but looks like an ornamental tree. I didn't think about jam. Possibly. I have to go picking berries again. I saw a whole bunch of green ones turned red. They were given the nickname "Juneberry" because the berries turn red in June. This year they should be nicknamed Mayberry. I want to get a Chokeberry Bush as well.

  23. Oh Carol, I was really hoping for a photo of ArtMuse Dog on one of the horses with his ears flying back, a smile on his face and his tongue hanging out, panting. Oh, well.

  24. Lovely - Carol and ArtMuse Dog ... :)
    Thank you for sharing such beauty!!

    Blanket of Fire

  25. Love the photo of the carosel! Perfect choice
    for movement!

  26. nice carousel shot--it brings back memories!

  27. "house happy with warmth" is a great line - well written!


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