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Mother's Day Flowers from Sean, Janeth and 'children'

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Today we are exploring poets, pets and sweet things of life.
The photo above is my contribution to Sweet Saturdays. Flowers for Mother's Day from my son, Sean, and his family are sweet to me as it is so wonderful to be remembered. Below are my haiku for Haiku Heights. (word prompt was Mask)  Below that is a photo of none other than ArtMuse Dog for Pet Pride.


by carol l. mckenna


diving deep water
mask needed to protect self
no clarity under sea.


make up, a day mask
hiding face, eyes, enhancing
be real show your self.


he wore mask fencing
protection from thrusting sword
to die for or win.

ArtMuse Dog (for Pet Pride)

Hope you enjoy the wonderful poets, photos of sweet things and pets. We are not necessarily all lovers of all these things; yet take some time to comment on the talents of those who do. 

Wishing you a magical and joyful weekend and Mother's Day.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: ' When desire is silenced and the will comes to rest, the world-as-idea becomes manifest.' (I Ching)


  1. I did enjoy your post. The flowers are gorgeous. Are they Orchids? Sweet pet pride and the I cHing quote resonated with me.

    1. Yes, they are beautiful orchids with bamboo shoots and greenery ~ exquisite and I am so grateful ^_^

  2. oh Carol!!! Happy Mother's Day!!! these flowers are gorgeous!!! you are so special and loved!!! Have a super sweet day!!!

  3. Beautiful set Carol....I loved the 2nd haiku...'Be real' :)

  4. I enjoyed your haiku Carol and those flowers are gorgeous. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Awesome, nicely done Carol. I especially love the second one. It's so real and truthful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice set ~ I also love your picture ~

  7. Carol, your haikus are soooo good. I just don't seem to have the knack for writing them, but you certainly do!!

  8. Nice set -- especially the "makeup mask". Always enjoy my visit ~~ thank you for sharing.
    Pink Sandpaper

  9. Your bouquet is exquisite....Your haiku, as always, tres cool, and your pup's pic, too adorable....

  10. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week. Lovely poems. Now following you on Google Plus!

  11. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week. Lovely poems. Now following you on Google Plus!

  12. Your second poem reminded me of the woman I saw the other day on the ferry putting on her make-up. Since I used to live in LA, I always saw women doing it in the car, but that was the first time I saw it on a crowded ferry.

  13. I enjoyed your take on various masks especially the second one. Someone looks very relaxed on the comforter.

  14. Masks in all its uses and goodness! How nice, Carol!


  15. Lovely post for the day! Gorgeous flowers and your little four-legged friend is adorable! He does look relaxed!!

  16. Lovely haiku Carol, and your pup is so sweet!

  17. Like always Carol, another gem of Haiku here :)

  18. Like always Carol, gem of Haiku here :)

  19. A brilliant take on the mask prompt...! The clarity in water can be compared to so many thngs in life !
    Truth likes to travel bare feet
    Live once and for all

  20. Beautiful and creative haiku Carol :)

  21. I like your haiku, especially the second. But I love the photo of your art muse dog. No wonder you write so well. :-)

  22. Oh, I'm afraid we all wear day masks of one sort or another, even if we don't wear makeup!

    Mask to Hide Your Fear


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