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Happy Fish

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Today is Saturday and we are working at making life simpler here on 'blog land' and in life. My spirit has been strengthened and enhanced by expressing myself through poetry, specifically haiku, and Asian style brush painting complimented with watercolors. So today we are exploring only one blog of creativity. We are linked with Haiku Heights where we find talented haiku poets and share our creations. 

The prompt word for Haiku Heights challenge #146 is 'joy'.


sun casting light haze
ocean glitters diamonds
joy is here today.


lingering heartache
loss daily on life journey
it is, so be it.


fish needs water life
joy found swimming round and round
happy fish swims here.


~ carol l mckenna

Enjoy today and honor the Veterans on Memorial Day this weekend in the USA in some way.

Hugs and namaste,


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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: '...The miraculous is so commonplace that we take it for granted. Pause for a moment to contemplate this and feel the breathtaking truth of it all.' (Derek Lin, The Tao of Joy)


  1. celebration of life every moment, welcoming it with open arms ur haiku is beautiful :) Namaste!

  2. Nice! I liked the first one especially :)

  3. Great joy haiku. Particularly liked the last.

  4. That happy fish looks like it is speeding through the water!
    Like the joy haikus. Have a super weekend! :)

  5. That image of the glittering sea diamonds comes to life so easily, Carol. Beautiful wordplay.

  6. Sometimes it's hard to find joy in life, and you seem to be good at it, like your wonderful fish...

  7. Like the fish image and also the first one. Great haiku, Carol!


  8. when people love to swim, people say they swim like a fish, even if they don't have the beset technique...it's the love of swimming that counts.

  9. Beatiful one...especially first one.....Happy fish is lookings so cute....you are a good artist..:)

  10. Nice haiku expresseing the contrast of joy and pain. I like your happy fish.

  11. Lovely watercolor and haiku. Cute pic of your dog :)


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