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The photo above is for Macro Monday and Creative Everyday. It was quite the moon last night. As ArtMuse Dog and I stood on the deck and shot many photos, I was feeling a magical piece of life right before my very eyes. When the moon is shining over the ocean, I always feel deep warm comfort that my ancestors are watching over me, guiding me in my steps to be creative.

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Wishing you a healthy and magical week filled with joy.

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  1. What a beautiful photo - kind of eerie, but inspiring! Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting. :) Great meme.

    Will be by next week again.

    Have a great week.


  3. The moon was certainly beautiful last night! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful meme.

  4. Very beautiful!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. I was outside last night taking moon shots but I suspect that it is was a great colder here than when you took your images.


  6. Gorgeous!
    thanks a lot for hosting too!

  7. What a gorgeous photo! The moon in the background is magical!

  8. The photo of the moon is simply incredible. I am in love with your camera and what you are capable of making. I appreciate you stopping by my place and letting me know about your camera. Unfortunately, both Best Buy and Target told me the L120, the camera I originally wanted when I went shopping for cameras, was discontinued and they could no longer get it. I was sick, because I felt it would meet all my needs, but since it is not available, I have to choose something that I can buy in my hometown, not on the internet. It's amazing how "great minds" think alike.

  9. first time in a blog hop for me so I am not sure if I made what I am supposed to. Your moon is great. :)

  10. What an adorable little dog!

  11. Hi! Carol. It was very beautiful super Moon last night! I enjoyed the moon very much . Thank you sharing with my photo in your meme.

  12. Beautiful photos of the moon!!!

    (Thanks for the invite to the Meme!) :)

  13. The sky in New York city was overcast thsi weekend so I missed this beautiful moon. It was so nic eto see it here!

  14. Congratulations on all that you are doing and accomplishing. You are so inspiring to watch. Keep us posted on your art show!

  15. Your moon photo over looking the ocean is fantastic! You couldn't have obtained a more perfect shot! :)

  16. I wanted to see the moon and completely forgot what day it way. You did such an awesome job taking this photo.

  17. We saw a big moon the other day and I was moaning that my camera is not letting me zoom in close enough. I took some pictures anyway, haven't looked at them closely to see what I can make of them yet. Your moon is beautiful and in the first shot it looks quite far... It gives me hope that maybe I don't need super-zoom to shoot good photos after all ;)

  18. What a gorgeous shot of the moon! I'm glad you and ArtMuse Dog captured it for us.

  19. Absolutely dreamy photos of the full moon. I missed this full moon due to the clouds. (And thanks for the follow!)

  20. Want to thank you all for Linking up to Magical Monday Meme and hope you will come back next Monday and tell all your friends ~

    Also thank you to all my commenters ~ we love hearing from you and yes it was a spectacular moon ~ and glad I was able to to share my shots with you ~ namaste, ^_^

  21. Beautiful moon shots! We had so much rain and gray sky lately to see the moon!


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